Swaran Ghar 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 29th August 2022 Episode starts with Ajit asking Swaran to see the big chandelier. She laughs. They get seated. Ajit says it’s a good place, but there is much darkness.

She asks him to remove glasses and see, lights are such dim in fine dining. He says I was joking. The lady says the guests will also participate in the musical night. Arjun comes there. Manager says your table is booked, your guest is waiting.

Swaran asks Ajit to listen. He says yes tell, everyone talks in English in five star hotel. She says we will go somewhere else, why to waste money here. He thinks to tell his feelings. He says I want to talk something.

Waiter asks them to give the order. Ajit asks her to order. She says we will go to your dhaba, come, its costly here. He says Kanwal ji kept you like a queen, can’t I get you to a five star hotel, he wanted to see you happy,

I want to see you happy, what’s the problem. She says the bill is the problem, I know the price of food, I don’t want to waste money here. He says I have money, don’t worry, order the food now.

Arjun talks to Mr. Agarwal about the dhaba case. Agarwal asks him to sign the papers, then he will get the dhaba. Arjun asks why didn’t the witness come. Agarwal says that man is a fraud. Swaran and Ajit give the order.

She says I eat veg on Tuesday and Saturday. She orders aloo gobi. He asks will you have aloo gobi in five star also. She says yes. He asks the waiter for the top rated dish. He orders the paneer dish, dal tadka, butter naan.

Swaran laughs. The waiter asks will you have soup and starters. She says no. Ajit asks him to get it by his choice. He says I also run a dhaba. Agarwal says the dhaba will disappear in a day, we will get the order to dismantle it, sign the papers. Arjun signs the papers.

Vikram asks how will we fulfil he order. Nimmo says I spoke to supplier, he will get fake kesar for 20000rs. Kiran says we were wasting 2 lakhs in kesar.

Vikram says we used to spend money to make the brand authentic, if anyone knows about the fake kesar then. Nimmo says we will put much kesar essence. Kiran says yes, big brands also do this, so they earn a profit. Swaran asks Ajit to start.

Ajit thinks to tell her, else he can never tell her. She asks how did you like the soup, why are you sweating, your hands are getting cold, why. He says Swaran, I… The lady says welcome the beautiful couple, table no. 26. Swaran says she is calling us. She asks Ajit to go and sing, he will get fine. She says he sings really well. Ajit sees a couple dancing. He asks Swaran for dance.

Arjun hears Ajit’s singing and thinks his voice has so much depth, like a true lover is confessing love. O jaaniya….plays… Swaran laughs and asks are you done, Kishore Kumar. Ajit says I m going to tell you something which I wanted to tell since many years, I love you Swaran. Swaran gets shocked.

Ajit says I love you a lot, since the day when I saw you for the first time, I don’t know what will be your answer, I don’t care for your answer, if your answer is yes, then I will be glad, even if its no, I won’t stop loving you, don’t say I love you too, but don’t get upset, I love you a lot, really.

Ajit’s imagination ends. Swaran and everyone clap for him. Ajit sees Swaran. Arjun says I must see, who is he. He goes downstairs. Swaran says you sang really well. Ajit asks her to be careful, and saves her from falling. Arjun doesn’t see them.

He thinks I felt like something took Swaran’s name, maybe it was my illusion. She asks Ajit to have the food. Ajit says I have to talk to you. She asks him to say. He says I… She says I forgot Bebe’s medicine, sorry, I will make a call to her.

She calls Bebe and asks her to take the medicine. He says I will come. She asks are you going to bathroom, isn’t your stomach right, go now. He goes to the bathroom. He says I m such a fool, I don’t have courage to tell her, I love her but can’t say. She thinks is he much unwell. Agarwal sees Ajit and asks what are you doing here,

did you come to steal anything. He insults Ajit. Ajit asks is it your dad’s hotel. Ajit catches his collar and scolds him. Agarwal says you can’t save your dhaba, come and meet Arjun Deol, I will see what you can go, he is sitting there, go to him. Ajit says I will show what I will do. He goes to Arjun Deol.


Swaran Ghar 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran asks Ajit for bill, Ajit says don’t worry it’s my treat. Ajit says I can’t find my wallet. Manager misbehaves with Ajit, Ajit gets in fight with him. Manager asks to call police. Swaran says to him, please don’t, he says to her if you can’t afford why do you come. Arjun walks to his manager and scolds him for misbehaving.


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