Swaran Ghar 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Arjun saying my imp meeting is going to start, I don’t want any disturbance. Swaran goes and calls Ajit. She says I don’t feel good, just keep Ajit safe. Ajit is taken to the hospital. Jai calls Swaran. She says your dad was going to come here, he didn’t reach. Jai says he left much time before.

He says hold on, I m getting a call from an unknown number. He answers. He asks what, accident, I m coming. He says dad met with an accident, I m going to the hospital. Swaran cries.

She recalls Ajit’s words. She says I have to go, my friend is in the hospital, he met with an accident. Mallika asks did you inform Sir. Swaran says I will tell him. Mallika says you forgot, Sir asked you not to disturb. Swaran says tell him that I left for an emergency. Mallika says sorry, you inform him and go.

Swaran says no, I can’t wait, I can lose a job, but I can’t lose my friend alone. She leaves. Nimmo and Kiran are on the way. They see Swaran. Nimmo says Arjun likes Swaran, so he gave her a job, don’t know what’s special in her, everyone is after me. Swaran leaves for the hospital. Ajit gets treated.

Arjun calls at the reception. Mallika doesn’t answer. Arjun goes to see Swaran. He asks where is Swaran. Mallika says she went in a rush. He asks but where. She says I told you, aunty type housewife. He says I know her, she would have left for some emergency. Swaran prays for Ajit.

Arjun calls her and asks what happened. She cries and says Ajit met with an accident. He says don’t cry, nothing will happen to Ajit. She says he is a sincere man, I told you, there would be some problem. He says don’t worry, I will reach there.

Ajit gets conscious. He sees his family. He asks Jai not to worry, he is fine. Swaran comes and scolds him. She cries. Ajit says listen to me. She says I don’t want to lose you, I lost a lot in life. He says I m fine, don’t cry. She asks how did this happen. Inspector comes and asks how did this accident happen.

Ajit says a car has hit me, few men got down the car and snatched my bag, they burnt the land papers in front of me, someone did this accident. Inspector asks do you doubt someone. Ajit says I m sure that he did this accident. He shows Arjun. Swaran turns and sees Arjun.

Inspector says he is a big businessman. Ajit says he did this. Arjun says Goldie is my nickname, I didn’t do anything wrong, you have hidden it. Ajit asks what did I lie. Arjun asks where are the papers. Ajit says your goons have burnt the papers, you are a rich man, still you are after my land.

Arjun says I didn’t do anything, you didn’t have the papers, you have grabbed my land. Inspector asks them not to fight. Ajit says he is a rich man, he has bought the witnesses. Arjun says you can come to office and know where I was since morning. Ajit says he can buy anyone. Arjun says I m not a liar and fraud like you.

Swaran stops Ajit, and defends Arjun. Ajit says you are saving him. She says he didn’t do anything, I have seen him, he was in the office, he didn’t go out. Ajit says he had sent goons by paying them. She says no, he always helped us, how can he do this. Ajit says you think I can do this. She says no. He sits back.

Arjun says I made a mistake to come here and see you, you tried to grab my land, I will take it back by today evening. He leaves. Ajit says you supported him. She says Arjun was waiting for you, he would have returned the land to you, he didn’t do this, a woman can differentiate between good and bad, if he did this, then I would have known it.

He asks where did the accident happen. She thinks to find the truth. Nimmo shows Ajit’s pic to Rajeshwari. She says Swaran and Ajit are looting Arjun. Swaran comes to Arjun. He says I came to meet him, he is blaming me, he didn’t have the papers, he made an excuse yesterday and even today, you want to save him, he has hurt himself to frame me,

he is wrong. She says I really don’t know, I know that one who owns the land will get it, Lord won’t do injustice, I trust Lord. They come to the bypass road. Swaran says Ajit met with an accident today.

The juice stall man says I have seen the accident, a man got down the car and snatched his bag, he burnt the papers. Arjun asks what. Swaran asks where did this happen. The man says that side.

Nimmo says Swaran is working in your radio channel. Rajeshwari calls Mallika and asks who is the new receptionist. Mallika says Swaran Bedi. Swaran and Arjun see the burnt papers, and also the blood marks. Swaran shows the burnt papers to Arjun. She says Ajit was getting the papers, he wasn’t lying. She cries.


Swaran Ghar 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran says think once before doing anything. Arjun says I have to find out who did this. He sees Rajeshwari paying the goon.


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