Swaran Ghar 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 30th August 2022  Episode starts with Ajit going to someone else and saying Arjun Deol. Arjun goes to take a call. Ajit scolds the man. The man says my name is Sunil Kumar, I don’t know any Arjun. Swaran sees Ajit fighting.

She asks him to leave the man. The man says you can check my ID, I m Sunil Kumar. Manager says he is our old customer Sunil Kumar. Swaran says sorry. She takes Ajit. She asks who was that man, why were you beating him.

Ajit says it was a misunderstanding, I m feeling hungry. She serves the food. She asks him to control himself, is it his age to fight. He asks what happened to my age, don’t talk of age. They laugh and have the food.

Bebe makes the rotis. The lady says you look very happy. Bebe says Swaran went out after a long time. The lady asks what’s Ajit’s relation with Swaran, why don’t you tell them anything. Bebe scolds the lady. The ladies leave. Bebe gets angry. Ajit says the food was great. Swaran asks him to show the bill.

Ajit sees the bill, 8945rs. He says its fine. He looks for his wallet. Swaran asks what happened, Ajit. He says my wallet. She says check in back pocket. Ajit says I fought with that man, maybe it fell there. Waiter asks where are you going, there is nothing. Manager comes and asks what happened.

Waiter says his purse is missing, I checked there. Ajit says someone has stolen my purse. Manager says we see this drama every day. Swaran says no, he had money, I saw it. Manager scolds them. Ajit catches the manager’s collar and scolds him.

Swaran asks Ajit to leave him. Manager says you misbehaved with our guest and now doing a drama to pay the bill. Swaran asks Ajit to get quiet. She says we will think and do something, wait. She checks his purse. She doesn’t have money.

She gives her ring. Ajit says no. Swaran says its worth 15000-20000, keep this, we will come tomorrow and pay the money, keep this mobile also, don’t drag the matter. Manager says call the police, they won’t agree this way. She requests him. Manager scolds them. Arjun comes and says mind your language Preet. Manager says Sir, you…

Arjun says leave him, I thought you have manners to talk to a woman. Manager says you don’t know them, he misbehaved with a guest. Arjun says Ajit, its not good to get angry, they are just doing their duty. He asks how much is their bill. Ajit says I don’t want any help, I will manage it.

Swaran says we will handle it. Arjun says I can do this for friends. Ajit says I will pay the money. She asks him to stop it. Ajit asks her to explain Arjun, why would he pay. Swaran says we will pay the bill tomorrow, keep this. Manager refuses. Arjun says they are my friends, I know them very well, if they are saying they will pay the bill tomorrow,

then they will pay. Manager says okay, no problem. Arjun says you should apologize to them, the way you spoke to them was wrong. Manager apologizes. Swaran thanks Arjun. He gets a call. He says sorry, I have to leave, shall I drop you. Ajit says I have a car. Arjun asks them to relax. He leaves.

Ajit and Swaran are on the way. Ajit says my purse got stolen, so this happened. She says you always get angry, you fought with that man, then manager, you spoke rudely to Goldie, why did you take me there. He thinks how to tell you. They reach home. She goes. He thinks everything got spoiled. He leaves.

Bebe asks how was the dinner, did you feel good by going out. Swaran says yes. Bebe says what happened to her. Arjun’s driver gives him Ajit’s purse. Arjun says so this was the reason, the pickpocket would have stolen the money and thrown the purse. He calls Ajit. Ajit doesn’t answer. He thinks of Swaran.

Arjun comes home and gives the wallet to Swaran. She says Ajit’s id cards are in this, we should return this. Bebe asks how will you go at this time. Arjun says I can come along with you. Bebe asks Swaran to go and return it. Arjun is at the dhaba.

Ajit gets hurt. He says I ruined everything, Swaran was so happy, she is right, I lose temper soon. Swaran and Arjun are on the way. He says my land is also there, someone grabbed it illegally. She says sorry for trouble. He says its okay, even Jeet would have done the same. She says his name is Ajit Lamba, why are you calling him Jeet. He stops the car, and asks what name did you say. She says Ajit Lamba, he runs a dhaba. Arjun recalls Ajit’s words.

Swaran asks what happened. Arjun drives ahead and thinks we met since many days but couldn’t identify each other. Ajit thinks of Agarwal. He says it was his mistake to anger me, once Arjun Deol comes in front of me, I won’t stop him. Arjun sees the dhaba.

Ajit sees the car and goes out to see. He thinks it’s the same car, I broke its glass, Arjun Deol has come here. He thinks of Arjun Deol. He gets angry and comes there with a stick in hand. Swaran sees Ajit coming and says why is Ajit so angry. Arjun looks on.


Swaran Ghar 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajit asks who are you. Arjun says I m Arjun Deol, I m Goldie, I m your enemy Arjun Deol today. He points gun at Ajit. Swaran gets shocked.


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