Swaran Ghar 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Arjun saying this is my land, he has grabbed it illegally, Ajit Lamba is my biggest enemy. Swaran gets shocked. Arjun gets angry and takes a gun. Ajit goes to the car. He gets shocked seeing Arjun.

Swaran stops Ajit. Ajit says Goldie, who are you. Arjun says you have made this dhaba on my land, I m Goldie and I m Arjun Deol, until you stayed as a friend, I was Goldie, but today I m your enemy Arjun, save your dhaba now.

Ajit says you want to grab my land by cheat. He goes to beat him. Arjun points gun at him. Swaran gets shocked.

She stops them. Ajit says I will not leave him. She says leave him. She asks Arjun to please keep the gun away. Arjun says tell him to vacate my land and leave else… Ajit says shoot me if you dare, you made the land papers by cheat.

She says stop it, we are friends. Ajit says he can’t be my friend, he made fake papers, I didn’t know he is a fraud. Arjun says I didn’t know you are keeping enmity. Swaran asks Ajit to throw the stick. She asks Arjun to put the gun down, please.

She says I know Ajit since childhood, he is honest, people swear on his honesty, calm down Goldie ji, you are mistaken, Ajit doesn’t even lie. Arjun says you think I m saying such a big thing without a reason.

He shows the original legal papers of the land. He says the registry is on my dad’s name. Swaran looks at Ajit. Ajit says its fake, he has made this by fraud, you know, its my ancestral land, I have the papers, I will get the papers and show him, wait. He goes to the dhaba and looks for cupboard keys.

He says I will call Jai and ask about the keys. He calls Jai. Jai says I have come to Ankita’s place. Ajit asks where is the key. Jai says its with me, you gave it to me. Ajit scolds him and asks when will you come. Jai says I will come by morning. Ajit says how will I show him the papers. Swaran says he will get the papers.

Arjun says we shall see, but I don’t think he doesn’t have anything to say. Ajit says papers are in cupboard, Jai took the keys, he will come by morning. Arjun says he is making excuses. Ajit catches his collar.

Swaran shouts on them. She asks Arjun to wait till morning, Jai will come, check the papers, else… Ajit says papers are inside the cupboard, I will break the lock right away. He goes to break the cupboard lock. Swaran asks him to stop it. She asks Arjun to wait till tomorrow, else he will hurt himself. Ajit gets angry.

Swaran says Ajit doesn’t lie, trust me. She asks Ajit to stop it. Arjun says fine, just because you are saying, tell him to get the papers to my office, my radio channel office. Ajit thinks he gave the job to Swaran, she didn’t tell me.

Arjun says don’t keep my meetings till he gets the papers, its imp to meet him. Swaran asks Ajit did you get mad. Arjun asks are you coming, shall I drop you. She says no, you go. Arjun says I will wait for you till 12 pm. He leaves. Ajit sits worried.

Ajit says I m glad that you stayed back, have tea. She asks where is your tea, I don’t want to have it if you don’t want to have. He says I know I m stubborn and short-tempered, I got hurt, you are working for my enemy, you didn’t tell me. She says he was our friend till some time back. He says I didn’t know he is Arjun.

She says I was trying to tell you, you didn’t listen. He recalls. She says recall it, did we get a chance to talk, you hide things, I don’t, your dhaba case is going on, did you tell me, you call me a friend, you ask about me, but didn’t tell about me, I tell you everything, you have hid this from me.

She cries. She says I felt our friendship is special, you made me a stranger. He says no, you were so worried, how could I make you worry more by telling my problems, sorry, its my mistake. She also says sorry. He says you look good when you scold me. He says I will get another tea. She says don’t get one cup this time, you have the land papers, right, I didn’t like the way Goldie was doubting you.

Arjun recalls Swaran’s words. Rajeshwari asks is everything alright. He asks when did you come. She says I finished the work and came. He says I met that dhaba owner, he said he has the land papers, its on his name. She says he is lying.

He says he was confident. Ajit says the papers are kept here, I don’t trust rich people, they can play any game, this dhaba is my and my children’s life, if I lose it. She says no, it won’t come, get Bhagwad Gita.

Rajeshwari says he would have made fake papers, he is cunning to grab the land, did you see the papers. Arjun says no, he is coming to office tomorrow, lets see, what’s the truth and what’s a lie, I m tired, we shall talk tomorrow. He goes.

Swaran prays and reads the Gita. Arjun sees his lover’s pic. He says don’t know, after meeting Swaran, my wounds healed, I thought of asking Swaran about you, but many problems come.

Swaran asks Ajit to keep courage and leave everything on Lord. He says if you are with me, I can fight the world. She says I m with you, Lord is also with us. Arjun says you will find me in front of you, then you have to give me answers, what did you get by cheating me.

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