Swaran Ghar 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 4th July 2022  Episode starts with Shorvori questioning Divi. Dr. Prabha says it’s a big thing, how can a gynac get confused, we will get clear about your pregnancy. Divi lies to them. She says dad has seen the baby and heard the heartbeat.

Dr. Prabha says heartbeat can’t come in sonography in a 1.5 months pregnancy. Swaran says even I heard the recording. Divi says I will call Sonam. Dr. Prabha says I have suspended Sonam, we have no proof of your tests. Divi says your hospital is bad. Shorvori fakes and scolds Dr. Prabha.

Swaran says maybe Divi is still pregnant. Divi says I lost my baby. Bebe asks Swaran to send the doctor away. Swaran says I understand her pain, we want to teach a lesson to Sonam. Dr. Prabha says its Divi’s mistake also. Shorvori says you don’t blame her. Dr. Prabha says she is defaming my clinic, she has made Sonam do this, I have a proof. Bebe asks what’s happening, forget it.

Dr. Prabha says she is saying she had a miscarriage, she isn’t pregnant, I will do one test and everything will get clear. She asks nurse to get the syringe. Divi says I don’t want to get tests. Shorvori says fine, your junior’s lie will come out. Divi says leave me.

Dr. Prabha says then accept that you lied. Divi says I m not lying. Dr.Prabha says you are scared that your lie will get caught, accept the truth else this test will clear everything. Divi shouts I had lied, I wasn’t pregnant, no miscarriage happened. Swaran gets shocked.

Shorvori and Dr. Prabha leave. Divi says you planned this. Swaran asks what did you do, why did you lie. Divi says this happened because of you. Swaran scolds her for hurting Ajit. She says it hurts when a family member gives pain by a fake reason.

Divi asks her to go to Ajit and tell him the truth. Swaran asks what shall I say that you cheated him. Divi says you are the reason. Bebe says she is right, Swaran, you stopped Ajit home that day, Divi would have not done this. Divi says I had to lie about my pregnancy and miscarriage because of you. Ajit hears this and looks on shocked.

He leaves. Divi asks him to listen. He doesn’t stop. Divi says how could I lie, he may get more away from me. Swaran stops Ajit. He says don’t do this with Divi. Ajit says she did such a thing, did you know that she is lying.

She says I got to know this today morning, Shorvori told me, so I called the doctor, listen to me. He says I want to know about her lies, she made me hear baby’s heartbreak. She says it was a fake recording, with the help of her friend Dr. Sonam, the report was of someone else. He cries.

He says I don’t want to see Divi’s face. Bebe consoles Divi. Swaran asks Ajit to forgive Divi, else he won’t get peace. She says I have to answer Vikram’s questions, we have to deal with the children with love and peace, come.

Nimmo and Kiran see them. Kiran says we can’t execute the plan when Ajit is here. Nimmo asks her to talk to Nakul and Vikram. Divi runs to hug Ajit and apologizes. He makes her sit. He gives her a glass of water. He apologizes to her. He says its all my mistake.

She says no, I had lied to get you back home, I wanted my dad back. Swaran thinks I have written everything in this letter, I hope Vikram talks to me. Bebe asks what’s this. Swaran says it’s a letter for Vikram.

She tears the letter. Bebe says child goes away when he feels his mum is supporting someone else, same thing happened with Divi, she felt her dad is supporting you by leaving his kids, I have also done a mistake, I supported Divi in this, I had to do this for my family’s betterment.

Swaran asks what did you do, Ajit got broken. Bebe says you are responsible for this, you gave Ajit a place in this house. Ajit says you thought I don’t love you, its my mistake. Divi says don’t do this.

He says promise me, you won’t do such a thing. She says sorry, I will do anything to get you back, I don’t want to hurt your heart, we all need you, I can’t let you stay with Swaran, come home. He says I had promised Kanwal, this can’t happen. She says you are my dad, I have a right on you,

is there anything else which I m not understanding. Swaran says no, he is just keeping his promise to Ajit. Bebe asks her to stop it. Vikram comes. Bebe says Vikram is going away from you, Divi did this because of your friendship. Swaran says there is nothing illegitimate. Bebe says a man and woman can’t have such friendship, I never saw such friendship before.

Swaran swears on Vikram. She says Ajit was my childhood friend and he is still a friend, Kanwal has tied a trust knot with him. Bebe asks what if Ajit’s family hates him, if Naku and Yug do the same, then what will you do, this friendship can break all the relations. Divi makes Ajit swear and asks him what’s his relation with Swaran, what does Swaran mean to him. He gets silent.

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