Swaran Ghar 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 5th July 2022 Episode starts with Ajit saying Swaran is my friend. Divi says swear on me and tell me, Swaran is just your friend. He says she is my childhood friend, it’s a strong friendship, we have grown together.

She asks when will you grow up completely, be a friend, why are you becoming a watchman. Bebe asks Swaran to think of it. Vikram goes. Ajit says you have hurt our heart, you know what Swaran and I went through.

Swaran cries. Divi asks why is Swaran so imp for you, what’s your relation with her, tell me. Ajit says because I love Swaran. Divi gets shocked. Ajit says she was my love before, even now and will always be my love. She cries.

He says few things are connected to the soul, it ends with us, you all are my root, my everything, but Swaran makes me realize my existence. Swaran comes and says Ajit, you can’t stay here now, you have to leave from here. Divi looks on.

Ajit says Swaran, truth… Swaran says its not about truth and lies, its about right and wrong, your stay here is wrong, please leave from here, I have decided it, you can’t stay here. Kiran says Nakul, you don’t have a job now, mum’s business is doing well, we can sell the house and invest in the business. Nakul says fine.

Aarav asks will you get powerman costume for my birthday. Nakul says sure. Nimmo comes and says Ajit is leaving. Kiran gets glad. Swaran says Ajit is going, I don’t want someone to misunderstand our friendship.

Ajit worries. Swaran says we know what our friendship means to us, but our children matter the most to us, whatever happened, it was wrong, but not too wrong, its imp that you step back, Ajit has to go home for his children’s happiness, right. Ajit asks is this the matter. She says yes, what can be more imp than children.

He thinks thank God, she didn’t hear anything, I didn’t lose my friend. Swaran says Kanwal saw a true friend in Ajit, so he trusted Ajit and gave him the legal guardian’s right, I can never take this right back, your name in the will and this friendship will always stay. Ajit says I have always respected that faith, call me if you need any help. She says I will call you. She cries and goes.

Ajit greets Bebe. He apologizes if his words have hurt her. Bebe says don’t misunderstand me. He says if Swaran needs me, then I will come back. Neelu comes and asks are you going. Ajit smiles and asks her to take care of Swaran. Yug thanks him for supporting Swaran when they were not with her.

He says I promise, I will never leave her. Nakul says yes, I will always be with her. Ajit talks to Kanwal’s picture. He says I will always keep the promise to you. Swaran says I have made laddoos for you and Divi.

Divi asks him to come. He apologizes to Swaran. He meets Aarav. Aarav says its my birthday tomorrow, will you come. Ajit looks at them. He meets everyone and leaves. O jaaniya…plays… Swaran asks him to take care. He says you too. She cries. He leaves with Divi. He thinks of Swaran, and his feelings for her.

He gets stuck in the traffic. He recalls his childhood moment with Swaran. Divi thinks is dad thinking of Swaran. He says you don’t want to share me with anyone, how did you feel hearing this, forgive me, I m still finding a word to say what Swaran is for me, maybe I can explain you. He gets sad.

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