Swaran Ghar 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying Ajit was coming with the papers, he was not lying. Arjun says you trust him right. She says I want to know if Arjun is asking or Goldie. He says a friend wants to know. He says he is clean at heart, so he gets angry, he can’t lie or cheat anyone.

He says even I don’t lie. She says I know. He says you think I m rich, so I have no emotions attached with my land. She says no, you are right, for Ajit, the land is the support for his life, how can we think of living without the support, that dhaba is his everything, he won’t lie, I know you well, I trust you, think before you do anything,

its on you, you want to trust him or not. He says I know, I will drop you. She says no, I will go. She leaves.

Bebe asks Ajit to have food. He refuses. She says I left my kitchen and came to you, you are so upset. He asks is Swaran on my side. She says she came to meet you. He says she trusts Arjun, not me. Arjun says I have to find out, who wishes bad for Ajit. He sees Rajeshwari paying money to the goon.

The goon thanks her and asks her to command him if there is any work. He leaves. Arjun stops Rajeshwari. He recalls Ajit’s words. He asks where were you. She says I had a meeting with the minister. He says Ajit met with an accident today. She says you mean, I did this, really.

He says no, that man was like Madhav Singh. She says you think I can do this, I know you are with wrong people these days. He asks who. She says Swaran has brainwashed you, even Sapna ruined your life. He asks her to forget old things. She says just I will be with you when the world gets against, until you get the dhaba land, dad’s soul won’t get peace.

Swaran comes to Ajit. Bebe asks her to handle Ajit. She says he isn’t eating any food. Swaran asks Bebe to have juice. Bebe drinks it. She says he is upset that you went out. Swaran says I got sugarcane juice for him. Ajit turns away. Bebe acts like Ajit.

Ajit says Bebe didn’t feed me any oranges. Swaran smiles. Bebe asks Ajit to have the juice. He says its enough. Swaran says I spoke to Goldie. He says you don’t know the meaning of losing something, he is trying to grab my dhaba. She says I lost my Swaran ghar. He says he won’t understand. Rajeshwari says Swaran and Ajit are trying to befriend you when we are thinking of taking the land back. She goes. Arjun thinks.

Ajit gets Arjun’s message. Ajit says he has decided, he is snatching my dhaba. Ajit goes to his dhaba. Swaran says we won’t let anything happen to my dhaba, we will do anything. Ajit says I will handle it. He asks the staff to feed the customers well. Swaran is with him. Ajit recalls their childhood moment. He gets sad.

Swaran cries seeing him. Arjun comes to the dhaba. Arjun says I promised Swaran, I got the lawyers, you show the papers if you have it, I have the papers to show them. Ajit says you are making me mad, you know my papers were burnt by someone, you want to get this land, you can’t. Arjun says don’t get adamant, check these papers once. Ajit refuses and throws the papers. He says its my land, I won’t listen to anyone. Swaran says sit and talk calmly. She checks the papers.

She is shocked. She asks Ajit to check the papers. He says its my name written on these papers, they got burnt. Arjun says yes, I got this papers from the court. Lawyer says Sir spoke to the judge and got these papers, we have got the papers verified, its right, your papers are pre-dated than Arjun’s papers, this proves that your papers are legally genuine, Arjun is taking back the case, the land is yours. Swaran says thanks.

Arjun says I thought you are doing a drama, but Swaran proved to me that you really met with an accident. Ajit asks did you go with him for my sake. She nods. Arjun says truth always wins, you were true, so you won, take these papers, its your land, no one can snatch this from you. Ajit says this dhaba is mine. Arjun says yes, its yours forever.

Ajit asks Swaran did she hear it, its his land and his dhaba. He asks his staff to feed everyone well, sweets are complimentary today. She smiles happily. Arjun says sorry friend. Ajit says no, I m also sorry. Swaran asks them to clean their heart and have a hug.

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