Swaran Ghar 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Ajit saying you have returned the land to me and bought me, we are best friends from now. Arjun thanks Swaran for saving him from doing a crime. Ajit thanks her for doing so much for him. He says we will have some food, tell me what will you have, lassi or tea.

Arjun says I have hurt your heart a lot. Ajit says but you have healed it too. Arjun says then get lassi, I have another surprise for you. Jai, Dhillo come dancing on dhol. Jai says Arjun had called and said he took the case back.

Ajit dances with everyone. Swaran laughs. Arjun sings¬¬ and hugs Ajit. They dance. A man looks on. He calls Rajeshwari. He says Arjun has returned the land papers to Ajit, they have become friends. She asks him to leave. She says I will see what to do.

Jai says I will give this good news to Ankita. Swaran says I will arrange the food. Arjun says I have to find out who did your accident and stolen the papers. Ajit says no, I got my friend and land, I don’t want anything else.

Arjun asks did Dhillo sleep. Ajit says yes. Arjun says food was good. Ajit asks him to have gulab jamun. He says I taught her cooking. Swaran says you used to present my dish and get marks. She laughs. They both joke on each other. Arjun laughs hearing them. He says I wish I also had some friend, who reminded me my past, what I used to do. Ajit says you might have someone. Arjun signs no.

Swaran says there would be someone before. He signs no. Ajit says forget it, I m your friend, we will listen to the radio show and hear Tanha. Arjun says no, he went somewhere today. Ajit says get him here someday. Arjun says he likes to be alone, or maybe he befriends you and comes here, and you never know it, I will go now, thanks to Swaran who handled the matter. They laugh. Arjun leaves.

Swaran says everything got amazing. Ajit says its because of you. He thinks to tell her that he loves her. She says I will go now. He stops her. She says its too late. He says I have to talk. She asks him to say. He says I wanted to tell you something since many years. She asks him to say it directly. He says I always wanted to tell this to you. She asks him to say it today. Ajit looks at her.

Dhillo comes. Ajit asks what happened. Dhillo says I m feeling itching in my waist. Ajit hugs him. Swaran says you can talk tomorrow, I will go now. Dhillo says apply some powder also. Ajit asks couldn’t you sleep for some more time.

He takes Dhillo to Ankita. He says he fell asleep, take him. Ankita says I m trying to make dahi bhalle for the competition, don’t know what will people think of me. He says don’t worry, I will make it. She says no, you didn’t get fine, I have to make it. She goes. Ajit gets Arjun’s call. Arjun invites him for dinner at his place.

He says I m thinking to invite Swaran and Bebe also. Ajit says we will come, everything is fair in friendship and war. Arjun says everything is fair in love and war. Ajit says it’s the same thing. He sees some earrings pic and says it will suit Swaran, my love is fair, I will tell you tomorrow. Swaran’s earring falls down. She picks it. She says it got broken. Ajit makes dahi bhalle.

Ankita says but this is cheating. Ajit says everything is fair in love and war, go and win the competition, then help me. She asks in what. He says I will tell you later. He thinks to confess love to Swaran by gifting her the earrings. Rajeshwari asks did Arjun come. Arjun comes home. Swaran says Goldie invited us home,

everything got fine. Bebe says Arjun is a gem at heart, I m talking of Arjun, not Ajit. Swaran laughs. Bebe says this broke. Swaran says yes, I will get it fixed, its my friend’s memory. Bebe asks who. Swaran says there was one friend, we had become best friends, she used to live her life well,

I liked this earring, she also liked it, we both used to wear this, her name was Sapna. Arjun says Swaran also wears such earring, I will ask her about you, maybe she knows about you. Rajeshwari comes to her. Arjun says sorry, you know I don’t want to get anything by a wrong way. She says you know,

I don’t want to lose you. they hug. He surprises her and wishes her happy birthday. She wishes him too. The servant gets a cake. He asks her to make a wish. She cuts the cake. He says you are 5 mins elder to me. She says your turn, make a wish, you still close eyes and see Sapna, right. He closes eyes and smiles, thinking of Swaran. He thinks I have seen someone else’s face today, Sapna.

She asks did you see Sapna. She wishes him. He gives her a ring. She likes it and thanks him. She gifts him a new sports car. He says no, I have many cars, I want something else, take Ajit’s case back, I found out, its his land, we have no right on it, will you give me this gift. She says done, you should trust your sister. He sings the birthday song. They cut the cake. They have the cake. She leaves.

Swaran says Sapna fell in love with a rich man, that man broke her heart. Bebe asks where is she now. Swaran says she is no more, that man left her, she left the world. Bebe says she committed suicide. Swaran says I was shaken up, I didn’t tell this to anyone till now, I m really lucky to get a friend like Ajit,

a life partner like Kanwal, poor Sapna, if I get that man once, then I will… Arjun says I will ask her where did you go leaving me. She says he didn’t value a true lover, I hate that man. Bebe says yes, indeed. Swaran cries. Arjun recalls Swaran’s words and smiles.

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