Swaran Ghar 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Gulabo asking the men to come back here after 1.5 hours and vacate the house. Bebe scolds her. Swaran thinks what happened to Gulabo suddenly. Rajeshwari gets Gulabo’s message.

She asks Arjun to come downstairs if he is ready. Some goons come to Ajit’s dhaba and asks him to serve them food or tea. Ajit says sorry, I have to leave for a party. The men insist. Ajit asks them to sit.

Bebe asks Swaran to call Ajit, he will handle everything. Ajit makes the tea. Swaran says he will fight the goons, he will get hurt. Bebe says he worries for you so much. Swaran gets Ajit’s call. She thinks will it be right to trouble him. The goons catch Ajit. Goon sees Swaran’s pic and says we have to throw this aunty out of the locality. He fights the goons. Swaran sees Kanwal’s pic.

She recalls his words. Bebe says I m not calling Ajit now. Swaran says I know, you are calling my sons, they aren’t answering. Bebe says they all are useless, they should ask your welfare. Swaran says we don’t need anyone, we will do something, trust me. Bebe says Kanwal left, you lost everything.

Bebe cries. Swaran asks her not to feel the loneliness. She says I made that loneliness my strength, we will fight to save our house. The goons tie up Ajit to the cot. The goon says we will throw out Swaran and Bebe from the house. Ajit shouts. Swaran locks the door. She pushes the furniture and blocks the door. Its night, Bebe and Swaran get ready to fight. Rajeshwari asks Arjun to come.

Mehta asks them to cut the cake. Arjun says not now, I m waiting for my special guest. Rajeshwari thinks they will not come. The goons come and ask Swaran to leave. She says no one can make us leave from our house. The goon threatens her. Arjun thinks why didn’t they come. The goons enter the house. Swaran stops them. Goon pushes her. Bebe gets angry. The goons throw the bag outside.

Gulabo asks Swaran to leave. Swaran says we have given the rent. Gulabo asks Bebe to leave the phone. She says no use, just leave, don’t force me to do this, Ajit won’t come for help. Swaran asks what did you do with him. Ajit struggles to get free from the ropes. He says calm down, Swaran always asks me to keep mind calm. He thinks of some way. He says Swaran is in danger. He recalls Swaran.

Ajit breaks the cot. Swaran asks Gulabo to stop the goons. She beats the goons. Goon pushes Bebe. Bebe says I told you to call Ajit. Ajit gets a knife and cuts the ropes. Ajit gets freed. Swaran goes out and shouts for help. Staff guy comes and asks what happened, who did this. Ajit says some goons came, just call the police and send them to Swaran’s house. The ladies come in and ask Gulabo what is happening.

Bebe says Gulabo got goons in our house and broke our things, help us. Swaran throws the chilli powder on the goons. Bebe gets sand and throws it on them. The goons rub their eyes. The ladies beat the goons. Swaran asks Gulabo to tell the truth, why is she making them out.

Vikram, Kiran, Nakul and Nimmo come in the party. They wish Rajeshwari and Arjun. Goon catches Bebe and threatens. Swaran asks Gulabo to ask her goon to leave Bebe. She says don’t do this, you gave us this house, why are you making us out, where will we leave,

who makes women fight the goons, don’t do this, fine, we will go, take the house back, ask the goon to leave Bebe. Gulabo says calm down. She asks the goon to leave Bebe. Goon says no, I will not leave this old woman. Swaran shouts. Ajit comes and beats the goon. He saves Bebe.

He asks Bebe is she fine. Ajit beats the goons. Arjun calls Ajit. The staff guy says Ajit has gone to Swaran’s house, some goons entered her house. Bebe says Swaran, I told you, Ajit will come, he is beating the goons, he saved us again,

he helped us once again. Ajit beats the goon and asks who are you, who sent you, you had come to the dhaba. Bebe says he cares for me a lot, what will we do without him. Bebe thinks Swaran, Ajit can become your support, I have decided to unite you both.


Swaran Ghar 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajit says someone made Gulabo do this. Rajeshwari asks Gulabo to not take her name in front of anyone. Swaran gives prasad to Arjun and wishes him happy birthday.


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