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Swaran Ghar 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Swaran recalling Aarav. The kidnapper surround her and laugh. She starts fighting with them. The kidnapper catch Ajit and Arjun also. Ajit beats the goon. He saves Arjun from the ropes.

Arjun thanks him. Swaran throws a pole at the goon. She goes to the car. She gets inside and locks the door. They all try to open the door. She chants Satnaam Vaheguru name. She thinks I don’t know car driving, but they don’t know this, Shorvori taught me a little bit,

I should recall. She drives the car. Arjun also saves Ajit from a goon. Ajit says you saved my life. The kidnapper gets Swaran out of the car, and asks her to come. He puts her face in the red sindoor. He sees some men coming.

Shorvori and police come. The police catches the kidnappers. Arjun says the one who caught them should get the reward. Ajit says go and find Swaran, she maybe in trouble. Arjun asks for Swaran’s pic. Shorvori says I will show you. Swaran comes there with the sindoor on her face. Swaran and those men bring the kidnappers.

Swaran says one should never challenge a mum, never do this, Matarani comes in that mum and kills the evil, nothing is imp for a mum than her child. Shorvori says you have taken Devi avatar to end this devil.

Kiran asks Nakul to bring one crore rupees. She says I can’t wait more. She cries. Shorvori comes home with Aarav. Vikram asks Aarav are you fine. Kiran runs and hugs Aarav. Nakul asks Kiran what’s happening. Vikram says Aarav came home,

talk to him. Nakul cries seeing Aarav and asks ae you fine. Aarav says I m fine. Vikram says don’t worry, he is fine. Nimmo asks how did Aarav get saved. Shorvori says Swaran saved him by fighting the goons and risking her life.

Vikram asks where is mummy. She says she is outside. Aarav runs to Swaran. Vikram also comes. Aarav asks Swaran not to go. Vikram says come inside, its your house. Swaran says no, its not my house. Aarav asks her to stay with him, then he will never get kidnapped. Swaran says you are in my heart, I m in your heart,

I get all the power from you. She hugs Aarav. Vikram cries. Kiran and Nimmo look on. Swaran says chant Satnam Vaheguru’s name when you feel scared. Aarav falls asleep in her arms. She gives him to Vikram. Nimmo asks Vikram to take Aarav inside. Swaran sees the house and cries. She goes to the car. Ajit comes there and stops her.

He says here is the reward for getting those goons caught, govt has given this reward of 10000rs. Swaran says Yug needed 10000rs, I can send this to him. She gets happy. She leaves. Shorvori says she is in a tough situation, she is thinking of her children first. Arjun recalls Swaran. Rajeshwari says you are coming now,

I wanted you to meet someone on lunch. He says sorry, I got late, kidnappers got caught, I came to you, everything is fine. She asks did you get them kidnapped. He says she was someone, different. She says I only care for you, meet Maira Sharma. He says no. She says you have to meet her. Arjun says I have no life in me, a disloyal woman took it along.

Shorvori says we are going to Bebe now. Swaran calls the travel agency. She says they aren’t answering. She connects. She says sorry, I couldn’t reach today. The guard says its good you didn’t come, police raided here and arrested everyone for illegal work. Shorvori says it means sending people abroad by wrong documents.

Swaran says Baba ji saved me, I found Aarav and got money for Yug, I have to find a job again. Shorvori says you will find a job, don’t worry. Swaran sees the people outside the door. She asks what happened, let me go inside. She calls out Bebe. She sees the smoke inside the house. She sees Bebe teaching some ladies about handmade stove. She hugs Bebe. Bebe says I didn’t do anything big, why are you crying.

Swaran says I got tensed seeing the people at the door. Bebe says I m fine, why didn’t you answer the call. Jai asks Ajit why didn’t you answer the calls. Dhillo shows his trophy. Ajit recalls Aarav and hugs Dhillo. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Ankita says he wanted to meet you. Ajit says I will feed him by my hands. Swaran asks how did you think of this. Bebe says I thought its my work to earn as well, when my bahu is doing a job. She smiles.

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