Swaran Ghar 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Swaran Ghar 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Swaran Ghar 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Swaran asking Ajit what happened at the dhaba. He says these goons came there and tied me there, but can anyone stop a storm and Ajit. Bebe says Swaran, you have to be strong, these people can come again. Swaran thanks the neighbors for coming.

Gulabo calls Rajeshwari and says Ajit came there, everything went wrong. Rajeshwari scolds her and asks her not to bring her name in front. Swaran asks Gulabo to come out and tell her why did she do this, who sent her there. She says you said someone paid you money, who gave the money. Ajit pushes the gate.

She says we can’t get inside by force. Ajit says someone made Gulabo do this, someone sent the goons to dhaba so that I don’t come here. Gulabo hears them and cries. Swaran and Ajit leave. Manager says Arjun said he will come in sometime, he went to help Swaran. Rajeshwari gets angry.

Bebe tells everything to Arjun. She says Ajit was attacked, so that he doesn’t help us. Swaran and Ajit come. She says I didn’t find Gulabo, thank you to all, sit and have tea. The lady says no, don’t think you are alone. The neighbors leave.

Ajit says sorry, I got ready to come there, but this happened. Arjun says I won’t forgive you, you both didn’t call me to get help. Swaran says you can help me, you help me in applying ointment to him, he shouts like I m killing him. Arjun says anything for you. Ajit says I m fine. Bebe and Arjun catch Ajit.

Ajit says it will burn a lot. Arjun engages Ajit in talk. Swaran says its done. Ajit says great, I m okay, I didn’t know, I won’t go home today, I will stay here, goons can come. Swaran says I will handle it, how to find who did this. Arjun says if we know who did she speak today, then we can know.

He gets a call from Rajeshwari. She asks where are you. He says sorry, I had to come at Swaran’s house, some goons came to vacate Swaran’s house on Gulabo’s word. She says all the guests are waiting for you, come home, I will help you in this work tomorrow, please come back, its our birthday. Arjun says I know its our birthday, okay I m coming. Swaran hears him. Nimmo and Kiran act and anger Rajeshwari.

Arjun says I have to go. Ajit says we got to know its your birthday. He hugs Arjun and wishes him. Arjun says thanks. Bebe blesses him. Swaran wishes him and says we have prasad, not any cake. Arjun says its better. She asks him to make a wish first. He prays and sees Swaran when he closes eyes.

She gives them prasad. She says give it to me also. Arjun gives the prasad to her. Ajit says we should sing and dance, why do we look worried. Swaran says yes, its just as we think. Arjun says you always smile after so many problems. Bebe says yes, we shall sing and dance. Ajit says yes,

that too in my style. She says no, not in your style. Ajit says I m not Tanha, who is a poet. He plays a song and dances. Everyone smiles. Arjun, Swaran and Ajit dance. Arjun gets a message. He gets the number by which Gulabo got the calls. He thinks this is Rajeshwari’s number. He thinks how can she do this.

Ajit fixes a photo on the wall. He says its right. Bebe says you troubled me. Swaran says I know, you taunt him when he comes, you miss him when he doesn’t come. Ajit asks does she miss me. Swaran says yes, when goons came, Bebe was asking me to call Ajit, he can save us from the goons. Bebe says yes, you saved us. Ajit smiles and says its enough that you miss me, Swaran has handled half of the goons. Swaran says yes, you taught me to fight for rights, so I fought. Bebe recalls Ajit and Swaran.

He says you understand each other well. Ajit says we are childhood friends. Bebe says you aren’t kids now, I was thinking something. Ajit says don’t worry, the goons got scared of you and ran away, they won’t come back. Bebe says if I m not here then, life has no guarantee,

I worry for Swaran a lot, what will happen of Swaran, when you were in pain, I called Nakul, did he come to meet you, he didn’t come, I called Vikram, he didn’t answer, your children don’t worry for you. Swaran says fine, don’t worry. Bebe says I worry for you. Ajit says you don’t worry, I will keep this friendship. Bebe asks sure? Will you keep this friendship for your entire life?

Ajit looks on and says yes, I will keep the friendship all life. Bebe asks Swaran to say. Swaran asks what. Bebe goes to Kanwal’s pic and says I swear on Kanwal, if you both decide to support each other all life, then I will always support you, my blessing is always with you both. Swaran gets shocked. Ajit looks at her.


Swaran Ghar 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran says swear me, tell Bebe that we are just friends. Ajit stands silent. Bebe says his silence shows it, he likes you. Swaran cries.


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