Tara From Satara 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update


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Tara From Satara 11th September 2019 Episode Start With A crowd is gathered outside Dancer No. 1’s audition venue. Mane family reaches there as well. Tara looks around dreamily. Kholo Kholo Darwaze plays. She gets super excited seeing MK’s poster there. Varun calls out to her just then. She points at the poster. He asks her to come inside. Let’s stay together. One family member is already missing. He tells everyone to go inside. I will look for Aai till then. Chinu tells him to be careful. She takes the kids inside.

Mane family looks around curiously. Rohan wonders if it is an academy or mall. Tara says this is called a real academy. Radhika is also amazed. Chinu says this is what happened in Mumbai. Rohan is also pepped up. Tara thinks these are the same stairs taken by MK. They head inside.

Tara asks a crew member about MK.I researched online before coming here. He should be around. Chinu says you would have cleared exams if you had studied diligently too. Tara tells her not to speak about studies so openly. Crew member tells Tara to wait but she points at her yellow card. He explains that they have been shortlisted. Now 15 out of those 100 will be chosen as final participants! Now the elimination round will start. Chinu panics but Tara is positive that Radhika will be the chosen one. Crew member asks them to give them the yellow card. I have to fill the form. Tara realises that she had given it to Ajji at the train station. Crew member tells them that they wont get green token without the yellow card. You wont get to audition in that case. Forget everything else. Tara and Radhika recall Sachin’s words. Radhika reprimands Tara for being careless. Tara thinks of Radhika’s promise to Sachin. Chinu tells Tara that Radhika wont be able to give audition because of her. Radhika says it is okay if I don’t get selected. I must give the audition. Chinu says she does not care about anything. Tara reasons that she dint do anything intentionally. I just handed it to Ajji for 10 seconds. Radhika tells her to be quiet. Tara stomps away in a huff. Chinu wonders where Ajji might be.

Varun calls railway department to ask about his mother. The line drops when they start discussing about the woman who pulled the chain.

Tara tells Bappa she is keeping a record of everything. I will stop calling Morya once my patience level will be crossed. Ajji is missing. will you sit quietly if your mother goes missing? Please do something.

All the shortlisted candidates are creating havoc. Crew members are unable to control them. Tara steps forward and shouts at them to be quiet. Everyone goes quiet. Tara tells the crew member that this is Satara’s voice. She asks the participants with their name starting with A alphabet to come first. Crew member lets her handle it. He gives her the green token. This is just for entry. You need to perform well inside. She thanks him. She thanks Bappa next for helping her. Please bring Ajji also now.

Ajji calls Varun from a guy’s phone (Gajanan). She tells Varun that she couldn’t understand anything and started the bhajan of Gajanan. I got help in no time. Gajanan tells her to hurry up. He tells Varun Ajji’s whereabouts. Varun tells her to help her board a train to Vile Parle. Gajanan tells Ajji to board the slow train. Ajji thanks Bappa for helping her.

Tara tells her family not to worry till the time she is there. Radhika calls her the leader of all the problems. We still need the yellow card. Rohan guesses the time window she has as per her token number. We need the yellow card before that. Tara tells him to go away. Rohan keeps counting the seconds. Radhika goes away sadly. Tara blames Rohan and goes to check on Radhika.

A car comes. A girl wonders aloud if it is MK. Tara runs to the gate. Radhika gets afraid of the approaching car and slips. A guy asks her if she is fine. Tara notices Radhika and wonders what happened to her. She notices the guy and realises that it isn’t MK. For a second I thought that I lost MK to Radhika Tai. Who is he?

Flashback shows Mr. Ahuja scolding his son for making a debut from TV. His son shares his point of view on the topic. Flashback ends.

Vicky helps Radhika stand. Are you okay? She nods. He tells her that the competition will be held inside. We are all friends outside. It is my dharma as a friend to help you. Radhika turns to inside when Vicky clicks a photo with her. He wishes her good luck. She smiles and goes inside. Tara calls him a nice guy whereas Chinu Kaki’s brother is so rude. Radhika gets a sprain in her leg as she is looking at Vicky. Tara takes her inside.

Vicky tells Shivani to put a caption under the photo he has just sent her. He suggests her various hashtags. She suggests a few more. He compliments her on the same.

Tara assures her she will be fine soon. Radhika says I must as I have to perform. Rohan rues that Ajji would have fixed the sprain in a second. Radhika blames Tara.

Tara receives Bedane’s call. She starts telling him everything in one go. He tells her to calm tow. She tells him about Ajji. She is missing with the yellow card. Plus, Tai has a sprain in her leg. Bedane advises her to give audition instead. She asks him if he never thinks before talking. He tells her to think once. What if Bappa wants this? Give audition if Tai isn’t able to recover. Go and give audition!


Tara From Satara 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Tara decides to give audition if Tai fails in dancing. She dances on Pappu Can’t Dance Saala song.


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