Tara From Satara 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Tara From Satara 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tara From Satara 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Bedane tells Tara to do something as they have only 3 hours left. She tells him to let her do her work. Bedane insists that she must do something asap. Tara recalls Radhika’s words. Radhika walks up to her. Tara thinks she had a change of mind but Radhika requests her to do something so Baba is not able to see this episode live. Tara reminds her that she is in Mumbai. What can I do? Radhika says you are great at finding a solution. Do something. You have so many friends in Satara. Someone might be able to help you. Bedane denies. I am her only friend who is also in Mumbai right now. Radhika tells Tara to call Abhay to stop Baba from watching this episode.

Tara suggests her to speak to her friend directly. Radhika says I have to focus on my dance. There will be a mess if Baba watches this episode. I don’t want anything to go wrong. You know Baba. He can do anything. Tara says he might not see the live performance but there is recording and repeat telecast. What will you do then? radhika is positive he will forget everything once everyone will praise her. Why are you thinking so much? Whose side are you on – mine or Baba’s? She walks away in a huff. Bedane tells Tara not to fall in Radhika’s words. She is very mean. You must choose now! I know you will support Baba and teach a lesson to Tai. Let’s go and tell everything to Ankit Sir. He will get her out of the show.

Rahul asks one of the crew members if his work is done or not. The crew member nods. A flashback is shown where he walks up to Arjun. He offers him an energy drink. Arjun declines but the crew member keeps it nearby and leaves. Flashback ends. Rahul thinks this energy drink will take him far from the show. how dare you mess with Rahul? Just wait and watch!

Tara tells Bedane they cannot do this but he asks her to come. He gets lost seeing the stage. She thinks of the first episode where she was on stage right before it went live. I might be scolded once again. Crew member asks Tara to get back to work. Bedane is determined to implement his plan into action.

Paddy addresses the contestants. We will be live in 3 hours. I want you all to show your full energy on stage! He addresses Divya especially. The meeting ends. Rahul informs Paddy that Arjun has picked up the bottle which had drugs. Paddy smirks. Rahul clicks a selfie. Hashtag game begins!

Tara tells Bedane to understand. we cannot walk up to Ankit Sir. He says I have only understood one thing. You are right. I cannot let anyone do anything wrong to you. You are right today. She reasons that Tai has been equally concerned for her. She deserves to be here. he reminds her that it is she who was selected for the show. she asks him if he wont support her. Are you taking revenge from Tai? He denies. I will help you find the real culprit. You only have time till the show starts. If you are unable to find the culprit till then, then I will tell everything to Ankit Sir honestly. She curses him with a lot many strange ideas. Will you help me find the culprit? I have an idea. He asks her when she will grow up. Let’s go.

TJ thanks Rahul for the shoes. They are extremely comfortable. Rahul says anything for you. Divya is speaking to someone on the phone. I am sure I will be on top this time! Radhika is worried what Tara must be up to. Rahul asks her what’s bothering her. She shares that Tara is completely out of her wits. She has been pushing me to skip dancing on a Bollywood song. I don’t know what I will do! Rahul thinks Radhika will surely head home tonight. Both Arjun and Radhika will be out of the show this time. Wow!

Arjun is coughing. Tara tells Bedane to wait and goes. Arjun is about to pick the energy drink when Tara offers him lemon water. He drinks lemon water instead. Tara looks at the bottle. It is beautiful. Is it new? Bedane points at the watch. She keeps the bottle in Arjun’s bag and leaves with Bedane.

Ajji tells Chinu to hurry up. Tara faces difficulty in finding us front row seats. Chinu says I am not sitting idle here. Ajji rues that they have only one room house yet Chinu is always complaining. Varun tells her to be quiet. She might hear us. Chinu says I can hear you. Ajji notices Sarita worried. Sarita says I am unable to reach him (Sachin). Ajji shares that someone was telling them that Sachin has put a TV in the dance class. They meet Priya on their way out. Priya and Sarita exchange pleasantries. Chinu decides to take a cab.

The crew member notices the drink in Arjun’s bag. He asks Arjun how he is feeling now. Did you drink the energy drink? Arjun nods. Thank you. Crew member goes to inform Rahul and Paddy.

Paddy tells Rahul his plan. We have to get everyone tested to nail Arjun. Rahul asks him to only check Arjun but Paddy insists that Arjun wont be able to understand any of it right now.

Tara brings Bedane to the CCTV room. He is amazed to see so many TV’s. She shares that cameras are fitted in every corner of the set. Everything gets recorded. It means we can find out whoever picked Tai’s phone after I kept it on that table. Bedane tells her to check the recording asap.

Paddy calls RT. My assistant told me that he has found energy booster drinks in the academy. RT tells him they don’t have time for this right now. Paddy insists he has proof. We must take action. RT tells him to make sure this news does not get out. Give me some time. I will tell you what we should do. Paddy agrees.

Tara asks Naren Bhai to show her the footage of grand premiere. He asks her why she wants to see it and especially now. She takes Ankit’s name. He said we can find out in case something has gone missing. I will tell him if you can’t show it to us. He plays it for her. Bedane says only 2 hours are left now. I will tell Ankit Sir everything then. Tara tells Naren to play it in fast forward.


Tara From Satara 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarita gives ghungroos to Radhika as Sachin’s legacy. You can take Kathak to great heights with your dance! Sachin reaches Mumbai. I might get late. The show will start by the time I will reach the academy. I just hope I reach there before Radhika’s performance.


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