Tara From Satara 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


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Tara From Satara 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Tara thinks of Bedane’s words. Ankit asks a female crew member about Tara. Tara calls out to him from behind. I am here. Ankit sends the crew member inside. Tara says I will tell you the truth but promise me that you say anything to Tai. He agrees. Tara admits that she went to give audition in Satara. I couldn’t tell anyone as my Baba does not like my dance form. He is right. It isn’t actually dance. Ankit thinks of her dance. I knew it! I was certain something is wrong as Radhika dint match to the girl I had seen in Satara. It means she had never cleared the first round. You had cleared it in Satara. You both have cheated us! He asks her to come but she stops him. You should throw me out of here as I have cheated you. Throw me out and fire me from the job. I will head back to Satara.

He says you must tell this to RT. It isn’t going to be as easy as you think. She asks him to throw her out but he insists upon the fact that RT must know this. You guys will then know your fate. Tara says I am the only one behind this. Ankit says your sister is equally involved. Tara thinks of Sachin’s words. Ankit pulls her but Bedane interrupts them. Tara requests Ankit to let her go. Tai must stay here for our dance class and Baba. We were helpless. We are not bad people. Please don’t take me to RT Sir. Bedane looks on helplessly.

Ajji and Varun find the car with the help of the key. It means whoever came here used this car! That person might not have been able to find the key. The sun must have risen. That person left the key and car behind to avoid being seen by someone. Varun says I don’t think so. Ajji asks him what he thinks then. I am 100% certain of this. He nods. What about the key? Ajji decides to keep it with her. We must find out who that person is. He says that person seems to be very rich. It wont be the right thing to do. Ajji says I want to know who visits Sachin’s house even when he has left it years ago.

Bedane is waiting downstairs anxiously. Tara steps out of the room. Bedane asks her to tell him what happened inside. She holds his hand and starts walking.

Varun suggests his mother to give the key to police. Ajji says how we will find out the truth then. Let’s not argue anymore. I will keep the key. Varun worries that nothing from their past should come out in front of the girls. Ajji reasons that Sachin hasn’t done anything wrong. We don’t have anything to hide. He asks her why they don’t shout the truth from the terrace then. She says intelligent people wait for the right time. When that will happen, it might end up helping the girls. Varun says Dada is still bothered by his past. Ajji replies that maybe his daughter can make up for the damage.

Bedane asks Tara what happened. Flashback shows Ankit taking Tara to RT’s room. RT sends everyone else outside. Ankit tells him everything (in mute). I had been trying to tell you this since long. I even sent you a text but you dint see it. Tara got selected whereas her sister is dancing on stage. RT calls it fraud. Are you sure this is true? Ankit offers to call Radhika but RT stops him. Ankit says I will start the process of throwing both the girls out of the show. RT blames it on him. A wrong contestant is in our show because of you! Management is responsible for such mistakes and not contestants. My show will lose its reputation if this truth comes out! This shouldn’t get out of the room or it will be very bad for you! Ankit stands there helplessly. RT turns to Tara. No one should know this except the three of us! Tara agrees. RT ends the topic then and there. Radhika will remain the contestant. Tara heaves a sigh of relief. Flashback ends. Tara says Bappa takes me to the edge but saved me every time. I told the truth yet I was saved! Bedane says my mind is switched off. Tara says mine is on. Now I know that it isn’t mandatory for me to head back to Satara. He reminds her that Sachin has called her. Tara shows faith in Ajji. Play a song. Bedane plays Go Govinda song. Tara dances on the song with full enthusiasm. She turns and notices Venky staring at her.

Ajji tells a kid to play around the car and touch it if he wants to. This car is mine. I don’t have a problem if you play around it but inform him if someone tries to take this car stealthily. He happily agrees.

Tara asks Venky what happened. He hands her an envelope. RT Sir was appreciating your work. Good job! She thanks him. He goes to give everyone else their envelopes. Bedane congratulates Tara. She smiles cutely. Bedane says a lot of people have started appreciating you like me. She wonders what would be inside. He says it must be a certificate. Keep it safe with you. It will help you in your career. She agrees. This is my first certificate. I will also show it to my teacher. She keeps it in her bag but then gets serious. What if Baba wont listen to Ajji? I feel bad with the thought of going back. I was going for Tai’s sake but she is not in danger anymore. I can stay here. He would have let me stay here after seeing my certificate. Wish this could be cancelled. He says we can postpone it. She decides to talk to Ajji once.

Ajji is pacing outside. Bedane and Tara run to greet her. Ajji asks Tara how she had cheered up suddenly. Tara shows the envelope to Ajji. It is my appreciation letter. Ajji compliments her. People have started seeing my Tara slowly. She says it is because of my hard work. I don’t need to go back to Satara. I am not really going! You will say this to Baba. Ajji says you only wanted to go back. Tara does not tell her anything else. I can stay here now as Tai is out of danger. Ajji asks her what she is thinking. Tara requests her to pacify Baba anyhow.


Tara From Satara 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Tara notices a bag in Chinu and Varun’s hand. Tara thinks everyone is thinking of pack up already. Mane family is worried about managing their expenses in Mumbai. They decide to leave town. Tara sits in the van sadly.


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