Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th September 2021 Nikhila shouts at Raashi if you ordered this stuff then why did you lie? Raashi says I ordered all this for Gopi, please forgive me. Minal says please forgive her. Nikhila asks her to say sorry to Gopi. Gopi says it’s not needed. Nikhila says she did a mistake so she has to say sorry.

Shaksham scolded her also so you have to touch her feet and apologize. Gopi says she is my sister so let it be. Nikhila says you can massage her feet so why can’t she apologize in your feet? You are her elder in this house. Raashi sits at Gopi’s feet and says I am sorry. Gopi says it’s okay. Nikhila tells Shaksham that you and Gopi will take part in the face-revealing ceremony and Gopi will give a speech.

Gopi is tensed about giving a speech in English. Shaksham uses voice command on his phone and leaves it. Gopi takes his phone and starts using voice commands. She talks in Gujrati and the voice command translates it into English.

All guests are at the party. Tejal comes to Ramila and says your daughter Raashi did the shopping of 11 lacs. We all got to know the truth. Ramila gets tensed and thinks my Raashi must be angry after getting scolded.

Raashi is getting ready. Chiragh says you look pretty, I know you didn’t have a good start to the day. Raashi hears Gopi rehearsing in English and goes to her.

Raashi comes to Gopi and asks what are you doing? Gopi says I am learning English from Shaksham’s phone. Raashi says this is all wrong, I will help you. She thinks to give the wrong speech to Gopi.

The guests are taunting by saying that Gopi is from a poor family. Nikhila says I have chosen Gopi because she is educated, brave, intelligent and confident. My Gopi Bahu will introduce herself in English today. The guest goes from there. Nikhila’s husband says if we are dishonored today then you will be responsible. Nikhila says I completely trust my choice, Gopi will make me proud today.

Raashi is helping Gopi. Gopi asks how do I say this house is heaven? Raashi says you should say in English that this house is a prison, your mother-in-law is a big black frog. You should say that Shaksham is an angry gorilla. Thank you everyone for coming to our zoo. Gopi writes it down and says Maaji has given me this responsibility so I can’t hurt her hopes.

Ramila is worried that Raashi must be in a bad mood. Raashi and Chiragh arrive at the ceremony. The media comes to her and asks how are you feeling Gopi? She says I am Raashi. The media people leave. Raashi tells Ramila that I want all the media to focus on Gopi today. Shaksham and Gopika arrive at the party. The media people ask Gopi how is her married life with the most eligible bachelor? Gopi looks on. The reporters ask Shaksham to stand closer to Gopi so they can click pictures. Shaksham feels awkward.

Nikhila welcomes everyone to the party and says I know you all are looking forward to meeting Gopika bahu. She will give a speech in English now. Gopi comes on the stage. Raashi smirks and tells Ramila that now the fun will start. I gave her the wrong speech. Ramila looks on. Nikhila blesses Gopi and asks her to start. Gopi looks on.


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