Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th October 2021 Gopika says why did you misinterpret that message? Why did you say that they accepted me as I am? Aashi says your heart was breaking. Why would I do that? You would have been sad. gopika says but you shouldn’t have lied. I would have been sad but just for sometime. Aashi says I will be carful. Gopika says I am here as a guest only, you will stay here. Don’t repeat the mistake I did. Take cre of everyone here and don’t lie to anyone.

Aashi says Chiragh here is Saksham’s pen drive. gopika gave it. He plugs it in. It has Gopika’s pictures with best bahu (DIL) written. Everyone is shocked. Saksham says sorry sir this isn’t the same presentation. tHe client says we didn’t expcet this from you. In Japan work and time are very important. We can’t do this deal with you. They leave.

Gopika runs after them. Gopika says Takashi ji please stop. She says Konichiwa. This kid didn’t eat. We made a mistake in presnetaiton. But you respect culture a lot. Our culture is that we respect our guests a lot. Can we please feed this kid? Saksham says what are you doing Gopika? Gopika makes him eat. The kid says thank you. Gopika says just like this kid couldn’t eat the first time, and now on second chance he ate. Please give us another chance too.

Scene 2
Nikhila says to Gopika you ruined the name of our family and made us a joke. Saksham says you planned all this. You came to my room. You were near my laptop. Nikhila says only you had all pictures of the wedding. You did this to take revenge? Gopika says I couldn’t even think that. Nikhila says it all looks planned by you. Gopika says I can’t even use laptop. I only studied till 8 grade.

The client comes in and says we have decided to give you another chance. They are shocked. She says send designs by 8. Everyone is happy. Baa says you both ruined it and Gopika handled it. Do you still think Nikhila Gopika is weak?

Scene 3
Saksham tries to get the samples ready. Mr. Modi says you can’t even handle this project. He says I can. I only need a good designer. Where did all designers go. Nikhila says Aashi can design. She won the design competition. Aashi says I made it with my heart. Nikhila says you’ve only one night to make this one. Aashi says I will. Gopika hears all this.

Gopika says to Aashi why do you keep lying? You will get stuck. Aashi says you can make desings. Gopika says maa ji asked because she thinks you made the necklace design that day. Aashi says for now everyone is mad at you. They won’t believe you. They might reject the design. Do you want credit or want Saksham to win? Gopika says I want him to win. Gopika starts working on the design. Aaashi asks Gopika to sit in temple at make designs. Nikhila says what are you both doing here? Aashi says I make good designs in the temple. Nikhila says go to your room. Aashi says let her sit here. Nikhila says no you make the design Aashi. She says to Gopika stay in your room. I will check the design in a bit Aashi. Aashi is worried. Gopika says how do I help Aashi and Saksham. Gopika sees Nikhila asleep.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gpika says the design is made. Nikhila prays and says God you know I made Gopika Saksham’s wife for these moments but I chose the wrong girl. Gopika says I need to tell maa ji that I am not a wrong choice. Gopika comes ot Saksham and says I want to help you with the design. He says I don’t need any help from you. Go from here. Some Radhika calls Saksham and says I have sent the designs.


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