Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th September 2021 Nikhila asks Gopi to start her speech. Raashi thinks Gopi will be out of the house now. Ramila thinks Nikhila won’t spare us if Gopi opens her mouth today. I have to do something. Ramila goes to the reporter and says they are serving international cuisine but no one cares about our culture and our foods. Gopi starts her speech in English but the reporter stops her. He tells Nikhila that we want Modi bahu to talk in our language hindi, doesn’t she know Hindi? You got everything from this country but you brought a foreign bahu?

Nikhila says my Gopi bahu is deeply connected to our hindi culture. She asks Gopi to talk in hindi from her heart, we all are with you. Gopi thinks I prepared the speech in English so what would I say in Hindi? She recalls how Nikhila and the family kept showering her with love. Gopi says I am Gopika Shaksham Modi, I have got so much love and respect in this family. Nikhila Maa has given me love like a mother. Baa and Minal are always supportive. She smiles and says Shaksham is my strength, I respect him a lot and I want to learn a lot from him. Nikhila has chosen me and I am happy that I can work on myself to become a diamond for this family. I am lucky to be part of this family.

Even their cow loves me. I want to never disappoint this family. Thank you all. All clap for her. Raashi glares at her. Tejal goes and hugs her. Nikhila tells her husband that I told you my bahu would make me proud and she did. All family members praise Gopi. Nikhila brings Gopi to her guests. Gopi thanks them for coming. Nikhila says one guest Umma is a fan of English so tell her that our own language should be honored also.

Umma says we are good friends. Gopi recalls Raashi’s words in English and says you are Nikhila’s friend so you are a black frog? Umma says excuse me.. Umma’s husband says how can she say that? We are business partners. Gopi says so you are an angry Gorilla? They get angry and leave from there. Nikhila laughs and says they were talking too much, you got them to stop saying rubbish in no time. I don’t know English but I am sure whatever you said must have stunned that’s why they left. Nikhila says my Gopi bahu is the best.

The reporters are praising Gopi at the party. Gopi comes to her and says thank you for giving me the speech in English. She gives her the speech back. Tejal asks Gopi to come with her, Gopi leaves. Nikhila comes to Raashi and says you prepared this speech? Let me see what you wanted to say. Raashi gets tensed. Nikhila says this must be in English.

Tejal makes Shaksham and Gopi stand together for a picture. She makes them stand closer. She makes Shaksham put his hand on Gopi’s back. Gopi gets tensed. Shaksham looks away. Tejal takes their pictures.

Nikhila tells Raashi that I will ask Shaksham to read this speech. Chiragh comes there. Nikhila asks him to read the speech that Raashi prepared. Chiragh opens the speech and glares at Raashi. Chiragh lies to Nikhila that the speech says this home is heaven, you are like a mother to her, she praised Shaksham’s business skills and praised me also. Nikhila smiles and goes. Raashi says this speech was a joke. Chiragh says please don’t do anything to hurt my family. He leaves from there.

Nikhila comes and sees Shaksham-Gopi taking pictures. Tejal says you both are the number 1 couple on Instagram. Baa shows a guy VJ on Instagram to Tejal and says he is the number 1. Tejal looks at the guy’s photo and looks on. Shaksham asks Gopi to move away from him, the photo is done. Gopi moves away. Nikhila sees all that. Shaksham leaves from there. Nikhila sees Gopi standing there sadly and goes behind him.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikhila calls Gopi to the mandir and says you didn’t light diya in the mandir in time. Raashi lights the diya. Nikhila tells Gopi that you disappointed me. She says for the ritual, both bahus will make breakfast for their husbands. Later Gopi asks Raashi what’s hash brown? I have to make it for Shaksham. Raashi says hash brown means water. Gopi brings water for Shaksham. Nikhila says you just brought water for him? You have disappointed me again.


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