Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th August 2021 Nikhila says I have decided. she’s the right girl for my Saksham. Not Aashi. She says to Gopika swear on Krishna if you saved me or not. You did right? Gopika says yes. Nikhila says why did you lie Aasha? Ramila says Aashi saved a lot of people. So she was confused. Nikhila says were you wearing the same shoe and left it there? Ramila says yes. Nikhila says you weren’t even there. Ramila says they are sisters. They wear same things. We don’t lie. Gopika did it. She didn’t tell anyone. Nikhila says you lied to us. Nikhila says Gopika is my DIL to be. everyone is shocked.

Scene 2
Ramila hits Gopika and says you planned it all. You ate my daughter’s happiness. Mama ji says you lied. Don’t blame her. Ramila says she and Jagnesh did it. She exposed it. You wanted to take her to your daughter’s in-laws. Mama ji says you took her there to make an impressions. Aashi says my dreams are gone. I told all my friends I would Mrs. Modi. Gopika says don’t cry. Ramila says you did it all. Come with me. Saksham says maa you decided it and didn’t even ask me? Nikhila says what’s left in her? Baa says she’s a diamond. Mr. Modi says she’s perfect for this family. Saksham says what about my promise? I gave Aashi my word. Nikhila says then why did you ask me to choose? Rani says this is about Saksham’s life. We shouldn’t force it. Nikhila says do you love her or because she agreed to it? If you love her, I will take my word back from Gopika. Tell me. Saksham is silent. Nikhila says I am your mom. I know.

Ramila says why would Saksham marry you? See your face. You have no sense. Nikhila thinks you are brave. You can’t even speak. Gopika says I will say no for this wedding. Aashi you deserve Saksham. Ramila says go there and say no. And say that it’s your decision. Gopika says yes it’s my decision.

Scene 2
Saksham calls Aashi and says this is maa’s final decision. Aashi cries. He says I am coming to meet you right now. Nikhila says you shouldn’t meet Aashi. This isn’t right. You will be marrying Gopika. He says but what happened with Aashi is also wrong. Chiragh says she must be broken. Saksham says but maa is also right. Can you meet her? And talk to her on my behalf. Nikhila says yes that would be perfect.

Scene 4
Gopika recalls what Nikhila said and called her Gopika Saksham modi.

Chiragh comes outside. Aashi falls on him. He holds her. He says I came here to say sorry on his behalf. It was all abrupt. Please smile. Ramila says if not elder then younger. Ramila says Chiragh come in. Saksham didn’t come? He says no.. She says oh that’s great. Ramila says Aashi tell him you never loved Saksham. You only felt bad. He was sad. You didn’t want to break his heart. What happens, does for good. Aashi is confused.

Mama ji says think about your happiness. Gopika says I can’t be happy if Aashi is upset. I consider her my sister. I don’t deserve it. I will go there and tell I can’t marry him.
Ramila says to Aashi what did you say? Ramila says you wanted to become Mr. Modi and marry in a rich house. You can become Mrs. Chiragh Modi. She says mom you are so smart. Ramila says be there in Gopika’s functions and make Chiragh fall in love with you. Aashi says but what if she says no? She has gone already.

Scene 5
Mama ji brings Gopika outside Modi house. Nikhil brings tea for rani. Rani says you bring tea for him every night. Come in please. Mr. Modi says she won’t. Don’t ask. Nikhila says I know my limits and duties both. Saksham hears and leaves in anger.

Gopika says how can I say no to Nikhila ji? I am scared. He says don’t worry. I will speak. Nikhila says to Saksham are you mad? He says I am sad but I proud to be your son. I won’t become like Mr. Modi. she says so you decided not to give this house a heir. He says maa I won’t change that decision. She says I didn’t ask you to. Don’t burn your happiness for anger. I have faith in you.

Gopika and mama ji come in. Nikhila says you here? She returns the shagun. Mama ji says she can’t marry Saksham. Nikhila is shocked.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Saksham comes to meet Gopika.. She can’t even use ipad. People taunt her at the engagement. Gopika says I don’t deserve Saksham.


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