Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th April 2022 Sumatra says he killed my husband answer me Minal. You were there. Tell everyone the truth. gopika says Minal ma ji tell her. Nikhila says Minal you said Keshap shot him. Sumatra says Keshap shot.

Sumatra is about to slap him. Nikhila stops her and says enough. We took care of you, respected you. You can’t stop with lies. Sumatra says you sent the one who didn’t do anything to jail. How is that fair? Gopika says maa please.. Sumatra says trust me, I remember everything. Munna says she won’t.

She is blinded by her husband. He puts gun on Saksham. I believe you. I won’t leave him. Saksham says you think I killed your dad? Why would I send my dad to jail? Why can’t I remember anything? Minal says come with me please.

You didn’t do anything. Saksham says why don’t I recall anything? Minal takes him out. Nikhila takes Gopika. Sumatra holds her hand and says you will leave your mom? Gopika leaves Nikhila’s hand. She cries. Nikhila gives her blessings. Sumatra and Munna take Gopika inside while Saksham leaves with Minal and Nikhila.

Scene 2
Minal panics. She says bring water please.. Saksham says maa please tell me the truth, he puts her hand on his head. Saksham says I was a kid but why do I feel like there was something.. Tell me the truth. Nikhila says please Saksham.. Saksham says no it’s between us. Sumatra puts her hand on Gopika and says I am saying truth. Saksham says swear on my life and tell me. Minal says Sumatra was right..

You were a kid. You were a child. You didn’t know. Everyone is shocked. Minal says we told you it was a toy and he was playing and you agreed. Sumtra says yes Saksham shot your dad. If I am lying I will die right here. Gopika is confused. Minal hugs Saksham and cries. Sumatra hugs Gopika and cries. Munna says don’t cry, I will that SAksham pay for his sin.

Minal says sorry I lied, she cries. Nikhila slaps her and says enough. She says why did you lie? Minal says what could we do? Send saksham to jail? He was a kid, he thought it was toy gun. His dad did everything to save him.. Saksham says I shot? I killed Gopika’s dad? How will I face her? I should be given death sentence.. What have I done maa.. He cries. Nikhila hugs him. Saksham cries.

Scene 3
Gopika recalls everything. She’s confused. Her coscience says Saksham ruined your family. He killed your dad, your mom was detained, your brother was taken away. Her other side says Saksham was a kid. He thought it was a toy. Other side says he ruined your childhood. Saksham says I will surrender. Mr. Modi is paying for my mistake too. Saksham says I should be in jail. Nikhila says let us think soemething.

Munna comes in and says think what? I will send you to jail. Saksham says I loved Gopika. I will go to jail myself. I never lied to her. Munna says never take my sister’s name again. He brings in inspector. Minal cries and says it was an accident. Please.. Inspector says we can’t arrest Saksham Modi. Munna says how can’t you?

He killed my dad. Inspector says he was a minor and there’s no proof and there was no gun. sumtra isn’t in senses. Saksham says arrest me please. Munna says if he’s ready to go to jail take him. Inspector says we can’t as per law.

Munna leaves in anger. Saksham goes after Munna. He says I was a child. Please forgive me. Munna says you will go to jail. You will pay for your sins. Munna takes out his knife and puts it in Saksham’s hand and makes him stab himself..

He screams inspector.. He stabbed me. They arrest Saksham for trying to kill Munna. Nikhila says he stabbed himself. He’s lying. Inspector says why would he? They take Saksham. Saksham goes to jail. Minal and Nikhila cry. Nikhila says when Saksham didn’t stab Munna I won’t let him be punished.

Scene 4
Nikhila comes to Sumatra. Sumatra ignores her. Nikhila says I know your pain as a mother. Saksham your husband.. He was a child. He didn’t even know? She says will you give me your 20 years back? I cried 20 years for my children. You will suffer too. Gopika hates you all too now. Gopika comes to the police station. She asks for Saksham. He asks who are you? She says Gopika Sak..

The victim’s daughter. Nikhla says he was a minor. As per law he isn’t the criminal. How can we punish him? Munna stabbed himself and blamed Saksham? Suamtra says you wanted this.. You all are suffering. You all hid this crime. You all did this. Gopika comes to the jail. She sees Saksham… He’s shocked to see her. Saksham says Gopika.. please forgive me.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumtra says you will forgive your dad’s murderer? Munna says she’s blinded in her husband’s love. Sumatra says let her be then, this Saksham modi shouldn’t come out of jail.


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