Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th October 2021 Ramila asks Aashi and Gopika to look for the USB. She say to Hitain the groom is lost. Aashi’s family’s respect is at stake. Hitain says let me look for him. Ramila says go and sit in the mandap till then. Hitain says how can I? She says please for us do this. Giopika comes and says this is wrong. Ramila says we have to stop this wedding right? Think about it. Find proof before the wedding and we will stop everything and show them the proof.

Nikhila asks Minal where is Vivan? He should be in the mandap. Minal says Hitain is bringing him. Chiragh goes upstairs and says let me get him. Gopika says okay let’s look for the proof. Pandit ji says call the goon. Thth ime is running out. HOtain comes downstairs with Chiragh. Minal brings Tejal. Gopika finds the USB. Pandit ji starts the wedding.

Gopika comes downstairs and says please stop the wedding. He isn’t the right guy. Minal says not today please. Nikhila says you’ve said enough about VJ. She says but he’s not VJ. Saksham takes her to the side and says what’s your problem? Don’t ruin my sister’s wedding. What’s your problem? Gopika says he isn’t the right guy. I have the proof. Saksham leaves.

Scene 2
Gopika says please show me a way God. She recalls baa saying radhika can do it. She calls Saksham adn says VJ isn’t the right guy for Tejal. He says what? She says I went to the jewelry shop to get a gift for Tejal. I showed her photo. The keeper said her fiance was misbehaving with her. He said he gave proof to a saying she has the ps. Saksham recalls Gopika sayuing she has the proof.

VJ sees gopika. He grasps her and says give me the proof. You thought you could stop me? He throttles her. Saksham comes there and hits him. SAksham says so this is your reality? VJ says no she attacked me. She didn’t want this wedding to happen. Saksham says enough. Come with me.

Pandit ji asks Hiain to make Tejal wear the mangalsutra. Nikhila says make her wear it Vivan. Saksham comes there and says stop. Everyone is shocked. Nikkhila says what is this? If VJ is there then who is in the mandap? She taks him to take off the managlsutra. It’s Hitain. Everyone is shocked. Tejal says hitain how dare you? Saksham says it’s more important for you to know the reality of the person you were gonna marry. Thank God Radhika called and told me the last moment. Now I will tell his reality. Gopika gives him the USB. Chiragh plays it.

The USB shows VJ hitting Tejal outside the shop. Everyone is shcoked. VJ says this Radhika and Gopika are accusing me. Is Radhika fake? I am sure this is Gopika. Tejal says she wants to ruin my wedding. Saksham says he’s lying. This Saksham is also lying. Nikhila slaps VJ. She says it’s a sin to touch a dirty person like you but I had to slap you. My Saksham can never do anything wrong. Gopika kept trying to tell us your reality. But we trusted you and didn’t listen to you. Get out of my house before I get worse. VJ says Tejal please listen.. Everyone stands in front of Tejal. His mom says aren’t you insulted enough? Go from here. They leave.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikhikla says to hitain will you accept tejal as your wife? He says I can’t do this wedding. Gopika says to Hitain please accept it. You both will be very happy together.


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