Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th September 2021 Nikhila says my Gopika will give the diamond crown to Mata Rani. Uma comes in and says stop.. She says why would Gopika do everything? Nilhila says she’s my eldest DIL. Uma says this festival isn’t of your family only. Nikhila says 5 years ago this right was of your family but now it’s ours. You know the reason. Minal says to Ramila she had a lot of power but Saksham escalated our business and took over everything.

Baa says Uma the family that runs this hall does this ritual. Uma says I have been tolerating it for a while but all DILs should be given this right based on who is the best. Nikhila says GOpika has proved that she is brave and my shadow. She has right to do this ritual. Uma says they have thie right because of money? Uma says all DILs should be given equal chance and they should compete. Nikhila says you will lose. She says there will be a competition to find the bravest DIL. I am sure my Gopika will win.

Uma says Gopika isn’t your DIL, Saksham is Minal’s son. You never had a child. Everyone is shocked. Uma says then how is Saksham your son and Gopika your DIL? Nikhila gets upset. Gopika says just like how Yashoda is Krishna’s mom.

She didn’t give birth to him but raised him. That’s why their relationship is purest. Giving birth is a huge task but raising a child right is bigger than everything. That’s how it’s the purest relationship. Maa ji has two sons, Chiragh and Saksham. Aashi and I are here DILs. Nikhila gives her blessings and wipes her tears. Nikhila says this is a religious festival. It reminds us of the strong women. 9 days remind us of a woman’s 9 faces. Everyone claps.

Scene 2
The competition starts. Uma says who will compete from your side? Gopika says Aashi I know you will do good. You are brave. You should go. Aashi says I should go, you will get scared. Ramila shoves Nikhila. She says Gopika I was gonna take your name and you came already. Ramila says you won’t disappoint your maa ji. Tejal says all the best.

Gopika stands with all the DILs. Ramila says Chiragh and Minal are on your side. Now we have to embarrass Gopika here. She will be exposed. Tejal says round 1 is that you have to decorate the idols. They can only use these sarees. The one who does it the best in 4 hours will win. The girls start. Gopika picks the last saree. Baa says all the best.

Scene 3
Tejal calls Vivan. Hitain collides with her. He says I need to tell you something. He tells her how VJ said he’s using her to get popular. He will use her and dump her. Tejal says how dare you.. You have no right to interfere in my life. You know nothing about me and VJ. People like you are jealous of handsome and famous guys. Don’t come between us. Even if I am single you have no chance.

Baa says to Nikhila we will be back by 6. Baa says is this okay to get DILs compete? Nikhila says you know I won’t want them to fight and compete. I just wanna show who is brave. Gopika handles things well. I am sure she will win. She saved that ring too. I want everyone to know how brave she is. Baa says where is she? Nikhila says let me see. Baa says let me check.

Scene 4
Aashi says to Gopika everyone is getting their idols ready. Gopika says I just washed the saree. It will take time to dry. Aashi says you can dry them in the microwave. Gopika says but we warm food in it. Aashi says the head will dry it. Gopika says dry it once. Aashi says you should do it. Gopika says okay let me try once. Gopika puts sarees in the microwave. Aashi and Ramila laugh. Smoke comes out of the microwave.


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