Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd November 2021 Saksham says because of her stupidity I missed my flight. And she left the most important thing. Radhika’s designs. Why didn’t you keep them? Chiragh tells Saksham thw flight got cancelled.

Nikhila says to Gopia if your fast completed. It saved Saksham’s life. Aashi says the design was right here. Why didn’t Gopika pack? She takes it ou and says it’s ruined because of the oil. Saksham checks it and gets mad. He throws it on the floor. He leaves in anger.

Gopika comes and says Saksham ji.. sometimes problems turn into good things. Because of God you came back. He says life is saved but reputation is gone. I should call Radhika. Gopika picks her phone. She faints. Arjun says if you don’t eat you would faint obviously. This happens when you think of others more than yourself.

He gives her a chocolate and says eat this. Saksham sends a voice note to Radhika and says can you please help me? I need a copy of your design. Gopika replies sure. Sakshasm smiles and says to GOpika eat the chocolate. Gopika says how will i make the design so quickly?

Scene 2
The maid is taking food for Saksham. Minal says I will makea ll his favorite food. Minal says to Aashi can you please make laddu for Tejal’s munh dikhai? She says Jhumki would know Tejal’s choice. Minal says but that’s your house. And Nikhila wants DIL of the house to do it. Aashi says okay I will do it.

Gopika collides with Saksham. HE says where were you going in such hurry? Can’t you see? Gopika tries to look for her glasses. They’re broken. Gopika says how will I make designs without them? Gopika says I should wear lenses. Gopika looks for lenses. She tries to look for them. Gopika says how will I find lens in such darkness? How will I make the deisgn? She sees through her glasses. Gopika holds glass with one hand and makes the design. Gopika completes the designs and keeps it in the temple.

Scene 3
Ramila calls Aashi. She says I was making sweets for Tejal’s munh dikhai. Ramila says ask them to bring money for her. Tejal says there are so signals in your shitty house. SHe goes out in a short dress. Everyone looks at her. Women taunt on her. Ramila says mind your own business. Hitain says you can use your phone. You can use mummy’s phone. They take her inside.

Ramila gets sweets ready. Saksham sees the design. Nikhila says come here Saksham. She says send these things to Tejal’s house. He says it will be sent. Nikhila says I know you’re not happy about this wedding. But given the circumstances, this was the best for her. If she finds out you are not happy she will use it. Where is Gopika? Saksham says I don’t know. Nikhila asks Jhumki where is Gopija? She says Gopika is asleep. Nikhila says Gopika..

Gopika looks for her glasses. She tries to come downstairs. Saksham says she might fall without glasses. He holds her. Saksham says careful. Gopika comes to Nikhila. Nikhila says where are you glasses? Why are you not wearing them? Saksham recalls it broke when he collided with her. Gopika says it fell from my hands.

Nikhila says you can’t even handle glasses? Saksham says it’s my fault. I collided with her. Nikhila says Gopika get another pair. She says Saksham take her and get her glasses when you go to take things for diwali things for Tejal. Saksham says I won’t want any gues to have trouble because of me.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika serves food. Nikhila says what is this smell? She’s about to eat. Aashi says this is dog food. How can you make Nikhila eat dog food? Nikhila gets angry.


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