Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 15th August 2022 Naina stops Vamika and says everyone should know what cheap acts are you doing in this house. Vamika slaps her and asks her to remain within her limits. Naina says how dare you to slap me?

You have crossed the limits, not me. Naina shouts for everyone to come there. Raghav asks what happened? Naina says Vamika has started her cheap acts again. She is coming between Dev and Krisha again.

She was in Dev’s room the whole night, ask her what she was doing there? Ugra asks Vamika to control her hands. Naina says she took advantage to Dev. Vamika cries. Jaya comes there and asks what’s happening?

Ugra says Dev and Vamika shared a night together in a room. Jaya says I will go and confront Dev. Jaya comes to him and asks if he was with Vamika? Dev says yes that’s true, Vamika was in my room but nothing happened between us, you know me. I was drunk. Jaya says it’s not about right or wrong, all family members are insulting Vamika.

I will handle them but what happened with that girl was wrong, nobody will question you but they won’t spare her. Dev says I don’t trust Vamika. Jaya says she is not taking any advantage, we don’t trust Vamika so we will put the blame on her. Dev leaves.

Raghav asks Vamika why did she do all that? Krisha and Dev come there. Rati asks what’s going on? Ugra says Dev and Vamika were in the same room last night. Krisha says that can’t be true. Jaya asks her to go and rest. Krisha says I won’t. Dev says yes, she was in my room last night. Ugra says they spent the night together. Vamika cries and runs from there.

Vamika locks herself in the room. Dev opens the door. Vamika says I know I can’t change my image in this house. Dev was drunk and I didn’t want to take advantage of him but I am being blamed for everything? Dev says nothing happened between us.

Ugra says we have some family values, if something happened between you and Vamika then you have to marry her. Ugra recalls how Jaya gave her and Naina money to do all this. Krisha tells Vamika to stop using Dev’s goodness. Jaya says you are being selfish, think about Vamika’s honor, she should get justice.

Krisha says you need to do justice? I am sure Dev can’t look at another woman when I am here. She asks if anyone was in Dev’s room last night? There is no witness, right? Jaya says why would there be a witness? Krisha says let’s see then. Krisha brings them all to Dev’s room and shows a camera there.

She says everything was recorded in this. The flashback shows how Krisha had hidden a camera in his room. Jaya says to think about their privacy. Krisha says I trust Dev completely but I want to bring the truth out. Vamika says to think about my honor. Krisha says if there is anything explicit in the video then I will marry you to Dev.

She plays the clip and it shows how Dev slept after getting drunk so Vamika put him on the bed and lies on him. Krisha ends the video and tells Dev that Vamika is still a cheater and a liar. Dev shouts at Vamika I told you this was your last chance. You will be punished this time, he drags her from there.

Krisha tells Jaya that you won’t be able to save your daughter. Dev drags Vamika to the living room and says you can’t stay here anymore. He asks Jaya to prepare another home for her, he warns Vamika to never show her face here again. He asks Vamika to pack her bags and leave. Krisha whispers to Jaya that I have started playing a game like you, I had put the camera there. Go and help your duaghter pack her bags. Jaya angrily leaves.

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