Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th May 2022 Vamika brings the family inside the palace and tells Dev that my father died here and this family accepted me here so how could I let anyone else buy it. This is your house and will always be yours. Dev says you have saved my honor, thank you. Jaya thinks I made this plan but Vamika played her card right. All family members are elated.

Vamika tells Krisha to apply tilak to Dev as it’s a new start. She goes to stand with Dev. Krisha applies tilak to Dev and says may God protect our relationship. Jaya says Vamika has done a huge favor on us, we will always be thankful. All family members leave. Krisha holds Dev’s hand and leaves from there. Vamika smirks.

Dev comes to Vamika and says can I talk to you? Vamika says sure but your wife might feel icky about it. Dev says she is here with me. Krisha comes there. Dev presents white flowers to Vamika and says a lot of things happened. Krisha had some misunderstandings but everything has been clarified now.

If you need anything from me then just ask. Vamika says then I will let you know. She says we should have a family photoshoot so common people don’t think there is anything wrong in the palace. Dev says good idea and leaves with Krisha.

Vamika messages all the family members about the photoshoot. Raghav says why is Vamika handling the house matters? Minakshi says she is my daughter-in-law and made us all proud so she should have the right over everything.

Vamika is smiling at the flowers. Krisha comes to her and says these flowers were from me and Dev both. Vamika throws away a flower and says don’t thank me as I am going to throw you out of the house. Krisha says I know you had a mission that’s why you saved this house but still I am thankful. Vamika says Dev promised me to give everything that I want and you know what I want. Krisha leaves from there.

Scene 2
She comes to her room and finds Dev there. Dev hugs her. Krisha says have you forgiven me? Dev says I can never doubt your intentions, I was miffed but I can never hate you. Krisha says I never made Aarav run away. Dev says just promise me that you won’t hide things from me anymore.

Krisha says I won’t let anyone come between us. Dev gifts her a ring that the auctioneer took away. Krisha says this is special for me. Dev says we got all this back because of Vamika so I want you to respect her, just promise me. Latika brings clothes for Krisha for the photoshoot and says Jaya has kept clothes for Dev in another room.

In the morning, all family members are ready for the photoshoot. Minakshi says I am still worried about my son. Jaya says don’t worry, my men will find Aarav soon. Dev arrives there in a sherwani. Jaya says this is your father’s sherwani. Krisha comes there in a simple saree. Ugra says Jaya chose this for you? Jaya says I sent queen’s dress for her, where is that? Vamika comes there wearing queen’s clothes. All look on.

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