Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 17th May 2022 Jaya tells the family that I think Latika mistakenly gave Krisha’s queen saree to Vamika, she asks them to go and change. Vamika says I am not a part of this family so I will just go. Dev says it’s okay, this is just a photoshoot so you can keep wearing this dress. Krisha nods. Dev sits with Krisha but Vamika sits on his other side and smirks at Krisha.

Krisha comes to the room, Dev tells her that it doesn’t matter if Vamika is wearing your clothes, you are my queen. Krisha says I still couldn’t become part of your royal family. Dev says you are my queen so don’t worry. He gifts his mother’s saree and jewelry to her. Krisha gets happy and goes to change.

Krisha changes into a beautiful saree. Dev smiles at her and makes her wear the jewelry. Dev says clothes don’t matter, you are a queen of my heart. Krisha says I don’t need to be insecure.

Vamika gives a hint to Jaya and acts like falling from the stairs. Jaya screams for Dev. They all rush to Vamika.

A doctor checks Vamika, Jaya says she felt dizzy and fell down the stairs. Vamika says I was just tired. The doctor says the problem is that she is going to be a mother, all are shocked. The doctor leaves. Ugra says your father was fooling us by leaving his characterless daughter here. Dev says stop it.

Vamika cries and says I did a mistake. Kach says that’s why Aarav ran away because he didn’t want to take this duty of an illegitimate child. Vamika says what? This is Aarav’s baby, he ran away after getting me pregnant. We were both grieving after our loss so we ended up bonding and I became pregnant but he ran away.

Kach says it means this baby is our heir? Krisha says Aarav loves Aditi a lot so he can’t do this at all. Vamika cries and says it’s not my fault that he ran away after leaving me like this. Minakshi says don’t cry, it’s not good for the baby. She says I have proof on my phone. She shows the video of Vamika leaving Aarav’s room after setting her clothes.

Vamika tells Dev that you promised my father to get me married to Aarav but where is he? She acts like she has fainted. Dev puts her on the bed. Jaya says this news can’t leave the house, nobody should know about this. All nod.

Jaya tells Dev that people would insult us if they find out about Vamika. Dev says I won’t let it happen. Dev talks to the staff and says nobody would talk about Vamika’s condition otherwise they will be punished, they nod and leave.

Dev tells Jaya that we have to find Aarav. He calls the commissioner who tells them that their CCTVs were tempered when Aarav went missing but they are looking for him, Dev thanks him and leaves. Jaya says he can’t find Aarav otherwise everything will be destroyed.

Minakshi cries for Aarav, Kach says you should have stopped him. Minakshi says Krisha is still taunting Vamika. Kach asks her to stop it. Rati comes there and tries to console Minakshi, she says Dev is trying to find Aarav. Minakshi says what if Krisha is right that Aarav has been kidnapped? I shouldn’t have pressurized Aarav to marry Vamika.

Krisha comes to Aarav’s room and checks his stuff, she says only Vamika would be benefited from Aarav going missing but she was present when he went missing. Someone is helping Vamika.

She tries to check his laptop but Dev comes there and asks what are you doing here? Krisha says I don’t trust Vamika and I think Aarav has been kidnapped. Dev says stop being a spy, I am looking for him and will find him but stay out of it. Jaya comes to Krisha and asks her to make soup for her. She takes Dev from there.

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