Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th August 2022 Krisha and Dev meet her parents. Virendra meets Vishu and Sudha. Sudha says we are so excited about the baby. Virendra takes pictures with them.

In the evening, Dev and Krisha enter the function. Sudha blesses them. Gaj comes there so Virendra thanks him. Virendra blesses Dev and Krisha. All family members start giving speeches using a mic. Virendra says Krisha has such a good upbringing that we are lucky to have her.

Naina hides the mic Vamika gave her and is exchanging it with the one that Krisha will use. Jaya notices it and sees Vamika’s ring on Naina’s finger, she thinks if Vamika is behind this? Krisha takes the mic and starts giving a loving speech for Dev. Naina gets Vamika’s call and says Krisha is holding your mic but please tell me that Krisha won’t die right? Gaj hears that and hides. Gaj says why is she trying to hurt Krisha now?

Jaya meets Vamika and takes the mic remote from her. Vamika says you can’t do anything so I will take my revenge on Krisha. She tries to grab the remote from her.

Gaj comes back to the party and notices Naina looking at the mic Krisha is using. He shouts Krisha and takes the mic from her. Vamika pushes the remote and the mic starts exploding. Gaj gets shocked and faints. All rush to him.

Naina tells Ugra that Gaj is in this condition because of me, I didn’t know that mic was so dangerous. I will tell the truth to the police now. Jaya comes there with money and asks Naina to take the blame on herself for this money.;

She asks Ugra and Raghav to accept her deal. Ugra says we accept, she takes the money, Jaya leaves. Naina cries and asks how can you do this with me? Ugra says you did a mistake so you should take the blame for now, we will help you with this money. Naina says I won’t do it. Ugra slaps her.

The police arrive at home and asks if they have a doubt on anyone? Krisha says we don’t know. Naina says I was behind all this. Krisha confronts her and asks if she wanted to kill her? Naina looks away and says yes. Krisha says I know you don’t like me but I know you can’t think of killing anyone, I know Vamika is behind all this right? Naina hugs her and cries. She says Vamika lied to me,

she said you will get lightly shocked. Krisha asks the inspector to look for Vamika. All leave. Krisha tells Jaya that I wouldn’t spare Vamika because she tried to hurt my baby, Gaj is fighting for his life because of her, Vamika needs to pay for this now, she leaves. Jaya says Vamika is my only family, she tried to take her away from me, I won’t be silent now.

Dev and Virendra come back home from the hospital. Dev tells the family that Gaj is out of danger out. Sudha gives him laddos for Krisha. Jaya sees that and says I will take revenge on Vamika now. She asks Ugra to do what she has to.

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