Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th April 2022 Dev is in the car with Vamika. He messages Krisha that he will be back soon, I miss you. She messages back that she misses him too. Vamika is jealous and plays a song while driving, she says this is my favorite song. Dev says Krisha likes old songs. Vamika says it’s about her upbringing. Dev says it’s about acquiring the good taste. He plays the songs that Krisha likes.

Jaya thinks that I have to get a sign on these papers before Krisha finds something out. She starts leaving the house with her maid. Krisha stops her and asks her to taste the food she made. Jaya says they are tasty, I have to go for a doctor’s appointment so I am going there. Krisha says I will come with you.

Jaya says that’s not needed and I am taking my maid Latika with me. Krisha says okay, I will wait for you. Jaya leaves with Latika. Krisha gets the call from the clinic saying that the doctor has gone out of the city. Krisha ends the call and thinks if someone fooled Jaya into going out of the house? She tries to call her but she doesn’t pick. Krisha says I have to go and find out.

Jaya calls her goon Saleem and says we are coming there. Latika says we just have to scare the old man. Jaya says he can’t die before he pays for his deeds. Latika finds Krisha’s car following them and tells Jaya. Jaya says I can’t let her find out about me, she says let’s have a plan B executed. Her goon throws patrol on the road and lights fire on the road.

Krisha’s car driver sees fire on the road and turns, their car strikes with a tree. Krisha coughs and screams for help. Jaya asks her driver to turn back and take her to Krisha. People gather around Krisha. Jaya comes there and asks Krisha to wake up. She calls Dev but he doesn’t pick up.

Vamika’s car has a flat tire so Dev repairs it and says I don’t understand how it happened, my driver maintains the car all the time. Vamika recalls how she deliberately did it and thinks we will have time to spend together now. Dev gets Jaya’s call and says I am coming there right now. He tells Vamika that Krisha had an accident, I have to go there, I will get help for you. He takes a lift and goes from there. Vamika thinks what does that girl have that Dev is crazy about.

Dev arrives at Krisha’s accident site and takes her from there.

Krisha wakes up in the house, Dev tells her that she won’t go out of the palace now. Krisha says I got a call from the hospital that the doctor is not in the city but Jaya had already left so I went behind her. Dev looks at Jaya. Jaya says I had to lie because of Latika, her husband was blackmailing her for money so I went to do something for her that’s why I lied to Krisha. These problems keep falling on Krisha.

I think she should go to her parents’ house for some days. Vamika says that’s a good idea. Krisha says no, I won’t go anywhere, I am part of this family and I am brave. Dev says I will take care of her and she will stay here. Jaya thinks her goodness will make her pay someday, she tried to distract me today but see what happened with her. Nobody can stop me from doing what I have to.

Jaya comes to the godown and meets the old man. He says your men might have kidnapped me but soon I will be out of here. You kept me away from my family for 30 years but you won’t gain anything. Jaya stands up from her wheelchair and glares at him. She glares at her soon for being negligent and throws hot water at him, he screams in pain. The old man says you are an animal. Jaya kicks him harshly.

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