Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th July 2022 Jaya tells Dev and others that Virendra started living in the basement and he started losing his mind, I tried to show him to the doctors but he never listened. He became mentally unstable so I had to tie him, I couldn’t tell anyone about him but Krisha found him and he agreed to live in the palace.

I am a criminal for keeping you away from your father so please punish me. I am a culprit. Ugra says this all seems like a lie. Jaya says I am not needed in this palace anymore, please throw me out of here.

Gaj says I don’t believe all this. Ugra asks if she has any proof? Jaya says I don’t have any proof. Dev says she doesn’t need to show any proof, he says I completely trust Jaya. Jaya cries and hugs him. Dev says I trust you, I know what you did was difficult but you are not going anywhere.

Jaya says I don’t deserve to be here, I wanted to be punished. Dev says your punishment is to stay with us all. Jaya hugs him. All leave from there. Dev tells Krisha that everything is clarified now. Jaya calls Krisha and hugs her while smirking. Krisha looks on.

Raghav tells Ugra that Jaya is up to something, she was also trying to get Virendra to give property to her. We have to do something against her. Ugra says we should talk to Gaj and plot against Jaya. Rati hears all that.

Rati comes to Krisha and tells her about the property papers and how Jaya was trying to get Virendra to sign them. Krisha says thank you for telling me that, she wants to get property in her name. She says I have to stop Jaya Maa but how?

Dev is sitting alone and looking at his mother’s photo. Jaya comes there and says you should always remember your mother with love, she was a good woman and loved her sons a lot. I don’t want you to hate her because of me. Dev says don’t think that. You are my mother too.

He asks how did she manage all this for years? Keeping papa in the basement? Jaya thinks I have to tell him another fake story. She says it was very difficult, I didn’t know anything about royal matters but Virendra started teaching me everything, I was just following his steps. She says I have handled everything for years but now I am tired so I have made papers for you to own everything,

Virendra needs to sign it, and then you will own everything. Dev tears the papers and says I don’t want to free you as then you will go away. Krisha comes there. Dev tells her that I have decided to give power of attorney to Jaya Maa, I will get the papers made and get Virendra to sign it, and he leaves from there.

Jaya tells Krisha you helped me in creating this plan. Krisha says you didn’t win so don’t celebrate. Jaya says you are a fool, you still think you can stop me? Krisha says God is with me.

Raghav, Ugra, Minakshi and Gaj come to talk to Dev. Gaj tells Dev that we have some rules in a royal family. You shouldn’t give power of attorney to Jaya as she is not a real part of this family. Dev says she has raised me so she is more than a mother to me. Minakshi asks Krisha if she agrees with Dev?

Krisha says Dev is right, he is giving power of attorney to Jaya to show that we trust her. All leave from there. Dev thanks Krisha for taking his side. Krisha says I won’t go against you in front of others.

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