Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 26th April 2022 Dev asks Krisha to eat something, she says I am fasting. He says you have to eat, he makes her eat with his hands and says you are my priority so I took an off today. Krisha says I have to meet my mother today,

it’s her birthday. Dev says don’t worry, I sent her gifts already. Krisha hugs him and says you remember it? Dev says she is like my mother too. For me, only Jaya is a mother figure for me.

Jaya kicks the old man and says I am your God, I took decisions for you for the last 25 years. I have controlled your son’s life, I wanted to finish Krisha but you saved her. The old man says God is with my family that’s why I saved her when you tried to kill her.

Jaya says you can try but you can’t do anything, I will finish your family. I will destroy them. The old man says if you want to punish me then do it but why punish my son? Jaya says he has to pay for it.

Krisha asks Dev about his birth mother. Dev shows his parents’ photo to her. He says that my father had a good friend Bhuvan, and my father used to discuss everything with him.

Jaya tells Dev’s father Maharaj Virandar Singh that Bhuvan was my husband, he did a mistake but I would call it to sin by telling your palace secrets to the public. You should have punished my husband but you didn’t do that, you made my 4-year-old kid pay for my husband’s sins. My house and family were destroyed by you.

I still remember that night, I won’t forget that. The flashback shows how a young Jaya found her house on fire, she saw her son and husband burning in the fire. She cried for her son. The flashback ends. Jaya says my husband did a mistake but why did you punish my son? I lost my family in a blink because of you.

I promised myself that time that I would take over everything you own. Remember the day when you brought me to your house? The flashback shows how Virandar was looking for a nanny for his kids. Jaya came there and took up the job, she took care of the kids and Virandar hired her. The flashback ends. Jaya says you gave that job to me and I wanted to kill you that’s why I planned an accident,

your wife died in that accident but you were just injured. I saw you crying in pain and it made me feel peace, that’s when I decided to not kill you but keep you jailed for life. Jaya crushes his foot and he cries in pain. Jaya says I want you to scream like my son screamed when he was burning. She says your favorite son is Dev right? You are proud of him, right? Virandar looks on.

Dev tells Krisha I never thought I would fall in love like this with you. You were always with me so you made me trust in love again. Krisha says I will always be with you. Dev hugs her and puts her on the bed. He kisses her forehead and romances with her. Vamika looks at them through the window and thinks I want Krisha to go away from Dev.

Jaya tells Virandar that I will take everyone away from Dev, I will make him lonely then I will take everything he owns. I won’t let you meet him, love him. When you hug him then I will start a fire which will burn Dev like my son died. You will see Dev burning and dying in front of you, that will give me peace. That will be my revenge. You will have to see your son dying in front of you.

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