Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd August 2022 Krisha gives some medicines to Virendra and finds Basanti hiding there. She starts following her. Basanti is running away but Krisha grabs her and says I met your son. He thinks you are dead but you are here.

Why are you doing all this? Basanti says I have to do it because of Jaya. I used to work in this palace. I was happily working for Maharaj but then Jaya came here as a nanny. She blamed me for stealing and threw me out of the house. I wanted to talk to Virendra but I got to know about him dying.

I wanted to pay my respect so I came to the palace but I was attacked. When I woke up, I saw Virendra alive in front of me. We were both locked in the basement by Jaya. She kept me there to take care of Virendra but she told my family that I am dead. She forced me to take care of Virendra and used to send money to my family.

I used to see Jaya torturing Virendra every day. One day, you freed Virendra and I left from there. Jaya promised to help me with money but she is not picking up my phone and I got to know that she never gave money to my family also.

She cries and asks her to help. Krisha says Jaya has destroyed many lives but I will help you. She asks her to come to the palace and tell everyone the truth. Basanti gets scared and says I can’t do that. She runs from there.

Krisha thinks I couldn’t convince Basanti, I have to do something against Jaya before she can do anything with Virendra. Virendra comes there and tells her that I am getting bad dreams. Krisha thinks he is slowly getting his memory back. She asks him to sleep. Krisha silently cries so Virendra consoles her and goes to sleep. Krisha thinks she has to talk to Basanti and convince her.

Scene 2
Jaya comes to Dev and says I am sorry for shouting at Krisha. I am your mother-like but I am not your real mother. Dev says you are my mother and Krisha broke my trust so you had every right to shout at her. Krisha comes there so Dev leaves.

Krisha starts packing her bags. Jaya says I will soon throw you out of this palace. Jaya leaves. Krisha says I need God’s help to win over evil. She gets a message from Basanti to meet her.

Krisha comes to meet Basanti. Basanti comes there and says I have to get justice for Virendra, someone has to bring Jaya’s truth out but I can’t come to the palace. I am scared of Jaya. I went to the palace to meet Virendra and ask for help but he doesn’t remember anything. She shows the video that she recorded and says you can use this against Jaya. Krisha says this will help me. Basanti says I am scared. Krisha says I will keep you protected.

Krisha brings Basanti to the basement and says you will be safe here. I will bring Jaya’s truth out and then you will be safe. Basanti thanks her.

Krisha calls all the family members. She set ups a projector. Dev comes there and asks what is going on? Krisha says I was alleged when I lied to you but I want to tell you who I met earlier. I went to meet an old caretaker of this palace. Her name is Basanti. Jaya looks on. Krisha starts the projector and shows Basanti’s photo.

Ugra says she is an old caretaker. Virendra looks at the photo and gets scared. Jaya is stressed and asks what’s all this? She is dead. Krisha says Basanti is not dead, she is alive. Gaj says why are we talking about her? Krisha says because she was the only one with Virendra in the basement. She is the only witness to the torture that papa had to bear all these years. I will show you all a video and it will change your perspective about Jaya completely.

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