Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th January 2022 Krisha is drunk. Devraj says are you okay? Krisha smiles. Krisha touches his face and says I will be fine. Devraj holds her. Krisha says when you hold me like this I get happiest. Dervaj says you’re drunk. Krisha says are you shy baby? Devraj says what are you doing.

Krisha says come let’s dance. Don’t you wanna see if I can dance like Maya? Krisha dances on teri meri prem kahani. Devraj is shook. Krisha dances around him. Devraj holds her. Krisha falls in the pool. Devraj jumps after her. She dances in the pool. cDevraj caresses her face. Krisha says I love you Devraj. Devraj says I love you Krisha. She passes out.

Scene 2
Rati reads the pregnancy strip details. She sees her strip and realizes she’s pregnant. The maid brings in juice for her. Rati is shocked. Ugra comes to Rati. She hides the strip. Ugra says scared of me? Don’t be scared. I know you feel bad.

I am upset at you for speaking against Raghav. That doesn’t mean I don’t care for you. You’re my DIL after all. You look so upset. You didn’t drink your juice? Ugra mixes something in her juice and gives it to her. Naina says don’t worry everything will be fine. Ugra says you’ll feel better. She says in heart I won’t let you live in peace.

Scene 3
Krisha wakes up the next morning. Devraj is sleeping next to her. Krisha says you slept here? You brought me here? Was I drunk? Why did you come here? He says because you were drink. Krisha says I drank so much? Krisha says why can’t I recall anything. He says your medicine. You will feel better. Krisha says how could I.. She recalls she drank in anger. Krisha recalls the pool. She looks at Devraj.

Rati says Raghva had the first right to know it. If I can’t tell him I won’t tell anyone. I hope you realize your mistake and come back to us. Krisha says what would Devraj be thinking? Devraj knocks and says what are you doing inside for so long? Come out. I am getting late. Krisha comes out. She recalls saying I love you last night. Krisha says I am sorry for last night. I said weird things.

Dervaj says you were drunk. It’s fine. People say what they try not to. Devraj says it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes. Krisha says I recall something you said as well. How can I forget such a big thing? Remember what you said. That it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday. Devraj says I told you to practice like Maya. I don’t celebrate my birthday. Krisha says because I am not Maya? You did so much for my birthday. I can do something special for you. Tell me what you like.

Ugra comes to Rati, She says I got juice for you. Rati says I am okay. Ugra says I know you are hurt. Our pain is the same. Raghav isn’t here so I’ve to take care of you. Have this juice. She makes Rati drink the juice. Rati has nausea.

Ugra says are you okay? She says yes. Naina says to ugra do you know what is happening to her? Ugra says the medicine has started working. She will lose her senses soon. She won’t be able to see of speak. She will become a living dead body.

Krisha asks what do you like? Devraj says you.. I like you. Promise me you will always stay with me.. Devraj is dreaming it. Krisha says tell me. What can I do for you? He says you can become Maya for me. Devraj leaves. The song hamari adhuri kahani plays.

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