Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th July 2022 Dev is driving around and looking for Krisha. He says I have to find her and if Vamika is behind all this then I won’t spare her.

Jaya is trying to call Vamika and says if she has taken Krisha away then she must have left proof. She looks in her room and finds book-related black magic.

A magician is shown doing evil magic and Krisha is lying there. A woman is sitting there in a veil.

Raghav comes to Naina and says I hope Vamika is behind all this so Dev will throw her out of the house. Naina says I have a lot of proofs against Vamika, I saw her taking Krisha away but I don’t want to get involved so let Dev find Krisha and Vamika will be sent to jail.

Raghav says I will go and talk to mom. Rati comes there and says let’s go and complain for Krisha. Raghav says why should I do anything for her? Rati sighs and leaves.

The evil magician is chanting mantras and tells the mysterious woman that once I complete the mantras then there is no going back.

Kach shouts at Minakshi that I won’t help Dev in finding Krisha and you won’t too. Rati comes there and tells Minakshi that we have to go to the police station to complain about Krisha. Minakshi says we can’t go alone.

Jaya is trying to connect with Vamika. Rati and Minakshi come to her. She says let’s go to the police station and complain for Krisha. Jaya thinks I have to search for Vamika. She acts like fainting and says I can’t go with you both, just go and call me if you need anything. Rati and Minakshi leave.

Dev’s car breakdowns. He is running on the roads and looking for Krisha.

Jaya hears some noise in Krisha’s room and goes to check. She looks around and finds Vamika in the cupboard. She is drunk and tells Jaya that I am hiding here for Dev. Jaya drags her from there. Jaya thinks if Vamika is here then who took Krisha away?

Dev comes to the mandir and prays for Krisha.

Otherside, the evil man is about to complete the mantras but Krisha wakes up and pushes him away. The woman takes off her veil and it’s Ugra. She grabs Krisha and asks her to drink blood. Krisha pushes her away. The magician says she is disrespecting black magic which is not good.

Raghav tells Naina that I can’t find mom anywhere, where is she? Naina recalls how she saw Krisha taking Ugra away. She told Naina that I am taking her to a magician so he will take away the evil powers from Krisha,

she has been trapped by the evil powers so I have to do something before it harms us. Naina says you should take Vamika’s car as she is out of the house. The flashback ends. Raghav says mom has lost her mind, I won’t be part of this.

Krisha is fighting with Ugra when she hears Dev screaming for her. Krisha screams for Dev to help her. The magician is forcing Krisha to drink blood but Dev comes there and pushes him away. The magician says you people have disrespected evil powers, he runs away. Dev hugs Krisha and says I will always protect you.

Jaya gets Dev’s message that Ugra was behind Krisha’s kidnapping. I have found her. Jaya says I have to teach a lesson to Ugra for framing my daughter.

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