Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 5th January 2022 Rati comes to Krisha’s room. She says do I look like Maya? Rati says what is all this? Why do you have to dress like her? Krisha says don’t ask me a question I can’t answer. Rati says did Devraj ask you to do all this? Krisha says which perfume did she use? Rati tries to speak but she can’t..

She says water.. Krisha says are you okay? devraj comes upstairs. He sees Krisha on the sofa like Maya. Krisha says happy birthday baby. Krisha says am I not standing right? I am doing what you asked me to.

Rati comes downstairs. Aarav asks Rati which color is the best? She can’t see the colors. She says all ties are black. Aarav says they have colors.

I want to get one for Devraj. Jaya says but you know Devraj doesn’t celebrate his birthday. Aarav says we thought we should celebrate. It might bring Krisha and Devraj closer too. Jaya says it’s between them. We can’t fix it.

Scene 2
Krisha brings Devraj to pool side. He says so much food. Krisha says you ask many questions. She makes him eat. He says this doesn’t taste like Maharaj ji.. He says did you make it? Krisha says and didn’t make any mistake this time. Krisha serves him more. Devraj sees a scar on her hand. She says it will go soon.

I knew you liked vegetable papa made. I made something similar. And bharta.. Krisha says there are somethings that only Krisha know about you and not Maya. That only Krisha can do.

Devraj says thank you. It’s good. Krisha says halwa that you taught me. He says why? She says it’s your favorite. He says I said favorite not mine. He leaves. Krisha says what happened? Was is Maya’s favorite? He says stop it. I don’t want to talk about. Krisha says you want to make me Maya but won’t answer me?

He says stop asking me question.. Krisha says but.. He moves his hand and breaks the bowl with halwa. He says it’s done. Krisha picks it. Devraj looks at her. Roma calls and says we’re waiting for you. Come fast. Devraj leaves.

Scene 3
Roma says that medicine has stopped working on her. Jaya says our problem would increase. Roma says if we increase the dose it’s risky for her life. Jaya says only you can handle it Dev. But the problem is would you handle her or Krisha?

Krisha is asleep. She hears someone playing the song mana ke hum yaar nahi. Krisha wakes up and looks around. She hears sound behind the wall. Krisha says this song? Behind the wall at this hour? She tries to listen. Krisha says it’s coming from upstairs? Are there more rooms? Who lives there? Devraj comes there. Krisha goes out.

Devraj comes to the room upstairs. He sits with the woman. Devraj says hearing this song after so long. I know you’re upset. But.. He holds her hand. Devraj says everything would change tonight. I told you I will fix everything.

She will soon be in front of your eyes. He sees Krisha coming upstairs. Krisha says is everyone asleep? Devraj says trust me please. You have to stay here till then Not come in front of anyone. I promise. Krisha looks around. Krisha sees Devraj leaving. Krisha says where is he coming from? She hides. Her tracker rings.

Devraj looks around for her. Krisha hides behind the pillar. Devraj comes in front of her. He says what are you doing here? Krisha says was going to the kitchen. Krisha says what were you doing here? He says I wasn’t sleepy so reading a book. Got your answer? Krisha says what is he hiding. What was that song.

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