Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Akash says I can’t find any car. Jogi says I won’t let anything happen to you Mahi. I will take you to the hospital. He picks her and runs out. Rupa runs after him. Pappu stops Seema. She cries. Pappu says where are you going mummy ji? Jogi runs towards the hospital. He runs. Pappu says you gave my place to that milkman now you want to go with him? Renu and Shalu come. Seema says no one can take your place just like no one can take the youngest SIL’s place. I am going for my daughter. If I don’t go today God will never pardon me. Let me go. She cries and leaves. Shalu says Pappu ji.. He stops her and says did I ask you to speak? Then shut up. Useless woman. Useless people don’t speak in my house. I will cut your tongue, blo*dy loser. He leaves. Shalu sits down crying. Shalu cries and says I lost. Lost as a wife in this competition.

Pappu and Akash come to the hospital. They say it’s an isolation center. we can’t take any more patients. This is dangerous for your wife. Jogi says where will we go then? The doctor says we can’t take general patients.

Scene 2
Pappu says who had to get shot and who did. Chanda says who cares if either of them dies? They live for each other. If one goes other would be dead anyway. Pappu says if anything happens to Mahi, they will find out who did it. Chanda says not really. The culprit is the one who had the gun and who shot. The one who has proofs against them. All these three points show that it’s either Shalu or Renu. She shows photos of them holding guns. Chanda says we can prove who did it. Let’s find out who did it.

Shalu says I didn’t shoot then who did? Let me double-check the magazine. Chanda and Pappu ook at her. Shalu counts there are all bullets. Shalu says that means I didn’t shoot. Then who did? Chanda says we know who did.

Renu washes her hands. She cries and says Mahi got shot because of me. I wanted to kill Jogi but Mahi saved him. Renu washes her face. Pappu says she will take your name as well. Chanda says what else does she have but her statement? Even that won’t matter. The only proof would, that we have.

Scene 3
Mahi is being treated at home. The doctor says we are ready for the operation. Jogi says listen Mahi, you can’t be weak. If anything happens to you, I won’t leave you. I want my fighting Mahi back. You’re my need now. You are my life. He kisses her forehead and goes out. Jogi stands upset outside. Jogi cries and falls down. Rupa consoles him. Jogi ays it’s my mistake. I asked her to compete. I shouldn’t have encouraged her. Rupa says no don’t blame yourself. Seema cries. Jogi says I will never forgive myself. Rupa says you always had good intentions. God won’t be unfair to you. Your love is pure. Seema says you both are made for each other. Your love won’t let anything happen to her. Jogi recalls his moments with Mahi.

Scene 4
Jogi picks his sword and says someone shot her there. He goes to Pappu’s house. Renu runs after him. Pappu says he’s a true lover, he will get crazy. Jogi shoves a pot at him. Pappu says listen.. Jogi this is wrong. Jogi kicks him. He falls down. Jogi stabs him. Shalu comes in between to save Pappu. Jogi stops. Shalu cries and says Jogi please no. Jogi says now you know how it feels when your loved one’s life is at stake? Rupa says Jogi stop. She takes the sword from him. Chanda says how dare you. Let me call the police. Jogi looks at her in anger. Chanda says calm down. I am not calling anyone. Seema says this isn’t the to me be angry. You should be with Mahi. She needs you. Jogi shouts and says yes she needs me. Because she needed you, you weren’t there. you all left her alone. When she was in trouble you weren’t with her. She was alone. No one stood with her. You have betrayed her. You call yourself her mom? What did she want? She begged you to tie a raksha kawach because she thought it would protect her. Renu and Shalu cry. Jogi says you didn’t and she is dying now. Is that how a mother is? A mother gives her br*asts to her kids. And what did you do? You cursed her and asked her to die.

Seema cries. You did her funeral, is that how a mother is? You wished this for her. Why are you crying now? Your prayers are listened, your daughter is dying. After so many days I thought she is letting love come to her life but no. You couldn’t see. You all took her life. And you Shalu, you call yourself her sister? You came to save your husband but not your sister? You stayed together all your lives. And Renu? What did you do? Do you have the same blood? Didn’t you die seeing her like this? Do you have blood or water in your veins? He says to Akash is that what you returned her for her rakhis? You failed. All of you failed. One of you has shot her. One of you has tried to kill her. I will find out who that is. Jogi says who was it? He asks Shalu was it you? He asked Renu you? Renu is scared.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi says I will fast for you and bring you back from even Yamraj. Mahi sings. Jogi hugs her. Mahi’s heart break drops. Jogi gets worried.


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