Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jogi is shattered on the stage. The judge tears his form and says go from here. You will never be a singer. Jogi cries. He recalls what they said.

Mahi comes to her car. Rupa asks where is Jogi? She says he was at the audition. Rupa says you left him alone there? Forgot what happened when people made mean comments? Mahi checks his location. Mahi says he’s there only. I am going there. Biji says to drive carefully. How many rides did you get? Mahi says I got 2 only. We will supply milk in the same car. I have contacted all old clients. She says let me go to Jogi. Mahi says let me get lunch for him.

Scene 2
Mahi comes to the venue but Jogi isn’t there. Mahi says I said I will come. How could he leave? Mahi calls him but he doesn’t pick. Chanda and Arjun tell everything Pappu. They mock him. Pappu cries like Jogi. Arjun and Pappu see his video and they laugh again. Chanda says this video should be shared with Jogi’s fans. They laugh.

Scene 3
Mahi comes home. Jogi is sitting on top of the shed. Mahi asks Jogi what happened? He recalls what happened. He tells her everything. Mahi is shocked. Jogi says maybe they were right. I shouldn’t have gone there. You thinking I can be a singer was wrong. Mahi says okay? So if people throw stones you will change your way? Mahi throws things at him. He says you are hurting me. I will hurt you back. Mahi says exactly. What will sitting here do? No one can insult you and shatter your confidence. They could give feedback or reject you but not insult you like this. I won’t tolerate this. He says how will you fix it? Why do you want to change me? I am happy. I am simple. Mahi says you would still be simple. You are the same person after all the comments. You’re an example that even after being famous you can be simple. I know you can’t change. That’s your specialty. You are my diamond.

Mahi says come down now. Mahi says let’s go for jagrata. You would feel better there. Jogi says I am not going anywhere. Didn’t you hear what the experts say? I can’t sing. This isn’t my thing. Mahi says we can’t cancel the booking last minute. What will people say? He says what are you made of? You care about what people would say? I will cancel all the bookings. I don’t care. I don’t want to sing. Mahi says why not? He says I can’t sing. Why don’t you understand. I can’t sing. My respect is gone. I lost. I can’t sing anymore. Mahi says please listen. He says I don’t want to. why should I listen all the time? Why don’t you listen? Ever stand with me. You keep pushing me? Mahi says I only want to say that it’s different at the temple. He says I don’t want to. I haven’t asked for money from anyone. Will I have a choice? Tell them I am sick. Mahi says are you asking me to lie? He breaks things in anger and says please understand your husband’s condition. I expected way too much from you. He leaves in anger. Mahi says Jogi please listen. He locks himself in the room. Mahi says please listen. She cries outside. Jogi cries inside. Rupa comes and asks what’s happening? What happened to jogi?

Scene 4
Jogi says to Chanda are you going out? She says yes. He says give these 10k in my bank account.

Rupa says please stop forcing my son to change. He wasn’t ready for the audition. You must have forced him and then you left him alone there. Mahi says bebe.. She says why are you so stubborn. Why don’t you understand? You can’t change everyone. That isn’t okay. Don’t lose your sanity to make money. Mahi says I am not being stubborn. I did it for his future. I only want him to become a bigger person, not me. His dreams would come true. Rupa says it’s your dream. My son was very happy. He is upset only now. Just leave all this and be a DIL. Mahi says as you say. I am ready to do everything as a DIL but before that, I am Jogi’s wife. See it from my eyes. Biji says calm down Rupa. Rupa says I was calm and all this happened. It’s time to do something. Mahi says you are right. It’s time to do something big. It isn’t okay to stop thinking big. RUpa says if you upset my son now, I will crack this relationship in a way that you won’t be able to do anything.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi asks are you okay? Jogi says I got insulted in front of everyone and shattered all my confidence. If I want on this path, I will lose everything. Mahi says I won’t let you shatter. Mahi says someone came to meet you. A guru ji comes in.


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