Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jogi has locked himself in the room. Mahi cries outside the room and says we were one but how can you separate yourself from me? Jogi says maybe we were different since the start, I was a fool to not see it. Mahi sobs hearing that.

Arjun tells Avnit that I can’t sign this contract, it’s giving all the benefit to Jogi. Avnit says relax, this contract is against Mahi only. Arjun says I can’t pay 50 lacs to Jogi. Mahi gives him 50 lacs and says you don’t have to pay for my Jogi’s success, I know my Jogi will succeed, I trust my love. He will soon forget Mahi.

Arjun says Jogi’s benefit is Mahi’s benefit. You have given them money so they can use it to change their fate. Avnit says you are not a clever man. Jogi went against Mahi today so soon my love story will start with Jogi. You can bring the contract and money later to our house. Arjun says you love Jogi but it’s impossible to separate Jogi and Mahi. I tried and failed. Avnit says your ego failed you, you wanted to put them down but my mission is to just get Jogi and I know what I am doing. Just bring the money and contract to my house.

Mahi is outside the room and tells Jogi to not talk to her but at least eat food. We have to take care of each other. Avnit comes there and says he seems miffed. Mahi says this all happened because of you. Rupa comes there and says my son is suffering because of you. First, this Mahi forced him to sing, now Avnit is trying to make him successful. I just don’t want my Jogi stressed like this.

Avnit says don’t worry, I am doing all this because I know Jogi wants this too, I won’t let anything happen to Jogi. She asks Jogi to open the door. She tells him to accept the new opportunities in his life, just wipe his tears and open the door with new bravery, give him a chance to do new things in life. Jogi opens the door for her. Mahi is stunned. She tries to go inside but Jogi closes it on her face. Avnit sits with Jogi and tells him to dream about a bright future. You have to promise me that you won’t look back in life anymore. She holds his hand. Outside the door, Mahi says I will keep standing here for Jogi the whole night. Inside the room, Jogi agrees to not look back.

Avnit says I am with you, I will be your strength. Arjun is coming back with the contract, we will start a new life today, our paths will be one from now on. She says you must be hungry, she tries to give him food but Jogi opens the door. He ignores Mahi but calls Beeji, he says Mahi must be hungry so bring food for her. He asks Beeji to make sweets for the evening, he has to sign the contract. Mahi looks on. Jogi closes the door on Mahi’s face. Avnit says it’s good you asked her to eat. She tries to feed him but Jogi stops her. Avnit wipes her tears.Rupa tells Mahi to let Jogi do what he wants to. Mahi says you think we should trust Arjun?

Arjun comes to Jogi’s house. Jogi’s lawyer checks the contract and says everything is good for Jogi, nothing to worry about. He leaves. Arjun tells Jogi that I made the contract in your favor to let the past be past. Avnit gives the contract to Jogi, he signs it. Rupa gives him sweets. Arjun tells Mahi that forgive me for my mistakes, I want to change everything that I have done in the past. He gives her 25 lacs and says it’s the advance payment, I will pay the rest after the project. All look on.

Mahi takes the bag from him. Rupa and Beeji are happy. Arjun says I am giving this amount to Mahi as she is the driving force of Jogi’s life. He tells Jogi that we will both be successful now, he leaves with Chanda. Beeji says this is so much money. Mahi says you think Arjun gave this money for no reason? Avnit says he gave it seeing Jogi’s talent, I think Jogi deserves way more than this. Jogi looks on.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi tells Avnit to stop dreaming about getting Jogi. Avnit says I am challenging you that Jogi will throw you out of his life in 1 month and will marry me.


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