Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Renu says welcome to today’s contest. There will be two rounds. First where each will perform solo and second face-off. Both will dance together. The one who breaks the rhythm will lose it. Let’s call the first contestant. Mahi comes and dances on long ve lachi. Jogi claps for her. Renu says now Chanda’s turn. Chanda comes on the floor. She dances on dil laa liya be parwa de naal. Jogi says well done. You danced so well. Renu says now face-off time. Mahi and Chanda both get on the floor. Everyone claps. Mahi recalls the challenge.

Jogi says she will win for sure. Pappu hugs Chanda and says focus on ruining her steps more than yours. Make her fall. Chanda says all preps are done. He says don’t lose your focus. Chanda says that’s why I kept it at our place. Chanda and Mahi dance on drama queen. They dance on the same rhythm. Chanda presses a button Jogi sees her. Some nails come out from the floor. Pappu says to Shalu they are nothing in front of you. You will win the contest. Mahi is about to step on the nails. Jogi falls from his wheelchair and puts his hand on the nails before Mahi steps on them. Rupa and Mahi pick him. Mahi says what were you doing? He says I got excited. Mahi says are you okay? He says yes. He says carry on.

Mahi gets back on the floor. Mahi dances. Chanda focuses on Mahi more and falls. She breaks her nose. Mahi says you got punished for giving pain to my Jogi that day. Jogi says my heart is garden. Mahi says who won and whose nose is broken? Akash says you won didi. Mahi says I want to hear from the judges. Akash says yes Mahi won. Everyone claps. Mahi says as per the challenge come to the tabela and milk the cows. Chanda says I will never come to that stinky tabela. Mahi says Priya forward that video on all WhatsApp groups. Chanda says I don’t care. Mahi says you don’t but your brother who aspires to become a minister cares. How can people trust a man whose sister doesn’t keep her promises? If she doesn’t come at 5 am tomorrow your dream to become a minister will be shattered. People won’t trust you. Chanda leaves.

Scene 2
Jogi’s hand is bleeding. Mahi says how did you get it? Jogi tells her everything. She says why do you do this? Everyone cares so much for you. He says no matter how much pain I get this love won’t ever reduce. Mahi scares him with a rod. He says I heard you said my Jogi.. Mahi says yes you are mine. He says really? Mahi says you are my friend. Jogi says it’s okay. This guy can give his life for you. Mahi says don’t you get tired of these dramas? Jogi says I will put my hand on all the hurdles that come on your way. Mahi says, idiot. I can’t stay mad at you. He says 5 women raised me. I didn’t survive just like that. Mahi says you and I.. we are like this medicine and bruise. The bruise hurts when you apply medicine but it is what heals the bruise. We hurt each other when we come close but we realize that we were healing each other not giving pain. It felt like we were disease for each other but I realized we are medicine for each other.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi says I have another plan. Mahi plays drum outside Pappu’s house. Pappu says don’t ruin our morning. Mahi says then send Chanda to our tabela to work. Pappa says or? What will you do? Go to the court? Mahi says no I can handle this myself.


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