Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Guru ji asks do you sing for Mahi? Jogi says no. I don’t know what do I feel when I sing. Guru ji asks him to close his eyes and tell how he feels and bring it in his singing. Jogi can’t see anything. He says I don’t fee anything. I have to go. Guru ji says sit and try again, what is it? Mom? Dadi? Jogi recalls their moments together. He recalls enjoying himself with Mahi. Guru ji says the memories that made your life beautiful. Jogi recalls it all. Jogi starts singing.

Scene 2
Pappu is angry. He says stop. He puts cotton in his ears. Chanda asks what happened? He says I don’t want to ruin my mood. They are always singing. Chanda says I am preparing to destroy them. Let me meet my new friend Mahi.

Mahi brings food. Jogi has his eyes closed and he’s trying to focus. He looks at Mahi. Guru ji says he’s so innocent he couldn’t feel his own talent and now he did. Mahi says thank you Guru ji. Mahi comes to Jogi. He’s very happy. Jogi hugs Mahi. He says you don’t know how I feel. If you weren’t there I would never feel myself. Mahi says what did you see? He says all the emotions in me. Mahi says today’s class is done. Let me see Guru ji off. Jogi says no I want to learn more. There is so much I want to learn now. I could never know my dad, his memories are blurred. But Guru ji feels like him, he would show me the right path like him. I couldn’t meet my dad but you spent your whole life with your dad. Is that how they are like? Mahi says yes. Mahi says he must be proud of you. He says his DIL must be proud of me. He picks her and says you are a magician.

Scene 3
Jogi comes to Guru ji. He sings the raag Guru ji taught him. Guru ji says start again. Mahi sits there and listens. Mahi is very happy. Chanda comes in. Mahi says you? She says had to give a good news. I got engaged to Arjun. I hope it isn’t awkward for you. Mahi says I am happy for you. Chanda says there’s another important thing. I have done many mistakes and I want to fix them all. Jogi.. Renu told me Guru ji is teaching Jogi. I hear his riyaz every day. I wish he gets a big chance. Do you know who can get him that chance? Arjun. Mahi recalls what Arjun did. Chanda says he controls Punjab’s music industry. We fixed everything can’t Jogi fix it with Arjun? Can Jogi apologize to him? Please. Arjun can get him a big chance. It will open many doors for Jogi. I will tell Arjun Jogi is my BIL, and he has to do it for him. Take your time and think about it. She leaves. Mahi is confused. Mahi says we can take one chance. Jogi is training. One big chance can change his life. I have to talk to him tonight.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi says to Guru ji I want to talk about Jogi. Guru ji says whatever I could do for Jogi I have done it. Jogi says Mahi came into my life and she made me believe in myself. That I can be someone and do something. Guru ji asks what do you want to do with that belief? What do you want to become?


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