Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Mahi is about to find Avnit behind the pillar but she leaves before Mahi can see her.

Renu is sleeping with Seema but goes to the washroom. Avnit comes there and shows a knife to Seema. She says your kids left you alone like this? What if I give you another wound? Or shock you? Seema is scared. Avnit says if not you then who would die? This is all Mahi’s fault, she told the truth to Akash which brought him closer to his death. How will Mahi bear the pain of losing her brother on raksha bandhan? Don’t cry, Akash has to die now. The lights turn on and Avnit turns to see Mahi and Akash standing there. She tries to hide the knife. Mahi rushes to Seema and asks why are you shivering? She asks Avnit why is she scared? Renu comes there and says she was fine when I left. Avnit says Renu left her alone, anything could have happened, she was shivering so I came to help her. I will turn off AC. She tells Mahi to just focus on Seema aunty, someone has to be with her 24/7. I can stay with her if you all are busy. She tells Seema that I will be with you, she smirks and starts leaving from there but Mahi stop her. Mahi says if mummy is cold then why is she sweating? Rupa comes there and asks what happened? Mahi says Avnit came to turn off the AC as Seema was feeling cold. Rupa says Avnit knows how to make place in people’s hearts. Some people can make place in a house but not in hearts. Mahi looks on. Rupa and Avnit leave. Mahi scold Renu for leaving mummy alone. Renu says I left for the washroom only, she leaves. Mahi tells Akash that we have to be careful about her. She asks Seema if Avnit did all this? just tell me. Seema thinks how to tell her? Avnit hides and glares at Seema. Seema gets scared and doesn’t hint anything to Mahi. Mahi asks if Avnit did all this? Renu comes there and says just go and sleep. I am here with her. Mahi cries and leaves with Akash.

Mahi tells Akash that we have to find evidence against Avnit but why is she doing all this? Akash says don’t worry, I will find out the truth and that will be my rakhi gift. Mahi hugs him and leaves.

Mahi comes to her room and tells Jogi that she went to check on mummy. Jogi caresses her face and says how will you handle all this alone? Mahi says you are with me. Jogi says we should give kids to your mom. Mahi laughs and says just sleep. Jogi holds her hand and says your smile will make mummy fine soon. Mahi hugs him and says everything will be fine as we are together. Jogi says we should get more alone time together.

Avnit’s dad shows the knife to her and asks if she went to kill Seema ji? What if anyone saw you? If you keep doing this then you will land in jail soon. I want Jogi to be yours but I can’t lose you, I will send you back to London. Avnit says you won’t do anything like that. I will die before leaving Jogi. She starts beating herself. Her dad tries top stop her but she takes the candle and says I don’t need eyes if they can’t see Jogi again. She is about to pour wax in her eyes but her dad throws it away, he hugs her tightly and says Jogi is yours. I will get him for you. Avnit says I will handle everything, don’t worry about my pain. I will give Mahi so much pain, it will break her from inside.

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