Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Mahi brings them to the grave. She cries and says my mom left me alone. She sees the hands. Rupa says Mahi control yourself. She says Mahi call her family for the funeral. Mahi says no.. Mummy can’t leave me alone. She can’t leave me. She screams and cries. Biji says we should call the police. Mahi says I told them not to go. Rupa hugs her. Biji says Avnit told me you found their bodies. I couldn’t wait. Mahi says who told you? Biji says AVnit. Avnit came to them and told them. Jogi says we have called the police. Let me take Biji and maa to the car. Mahi you stay here. Avnit is with Mahi. Jogi says take care of her.

Avnit comes back. Mahi is standing. Avnit says Mahi.. Mahi says I didn’t tell you. How did you know? Tell me. Does that mean.. you did this to them? You killed my mom and sister? Tell me. Mahi is about to slap her. Avnit holds her hand. Avnit says they made a mistake and they had to pay for it. Mahi says what mistake? Avit says your mom did a sin by going against me. She tried to take Jogi away from me. She tried to tell you my truth. I told her not to do. Then scared her but she didn’t listen. I told her knowing anything can kill you. SHe was stubborn like you. She didn’t stop. So I gave her a small punishment. Then I shoved her. She was paralyzed. Then I thought she would stop but she didn’t. Your sister tried to kill Jogi. You forgave her but I couldn’t. What kind of love did you have? There’s no passion in your love. Your love only knows boundaries. My love is beyond boundaries. Renu called me crazy and now see where she is. My Jogi’s eyes are my hope to live.

Avnit says but I didn’t do it with my hands. I didn’t want my hand dirty. I only prepared for them to go and I did the justice. Mahi is shocked. Mahi says justice? I will do that. You ruined my life. Now see what I do. Avnit says you.. Mahi says shut up. You have crossed every limit. Who are you to take my mother from me. The Jogi you are crazy about, he will kill you if you find out the truth. I don’t need anyone to punish you. Nor Jogi, or police or law. I will punish you myself. Mahi throttles her. Mahi says you took my mom from me. Avnit’s goon hits Mahi on head. she faints.

Scene 2
Mahi wakes upp in home. Biji caresses her face. Mahi says Biji.. Biji says you fainted there crying. Avnit got you home. Mahi says where are mummy and didi? Biji says their funeral is going on. Mahi says I had to be there. How can funeral happen without me. Biji says the doctor said you would take time to get up. The bodies were rotten so we had to. Mahi runs out. Biji runs after her. Avnit asks where is she going? Biji says to the funeral. AVnit says go and see your mom one last time.

Scene 3
Akash does the funeral. Everyone is crying. Shalu and Pappu are there too. Chanda says how did this happen? Pappu says don’t know but I did nothing. Arjun says in heart I am sure Avnit is behind it. He looks at Chanda. Pandit ji asks Akash to burn the bodies. Rupa and Jogi are there too. Mahi stops Akash.

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