Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Avnit looks around her room and says I wish I could be with Jogi far away from here, where there would be no relationships or boundaries keeping us apart. she comes out of the house to see Mahi giving butter away to neighbors. Rupa taunts Mahi for giving away everything but she herself gives away food. Avnit tells Rupa that I can take care of this. Mahi says you are a guest so we will do it. Avnit says what if I stay here forever? Mahi says you must have a lot of work and you don’t have a reason to stay. Rupa says she has a reason to stay, I am the reason. Jogi comes there and asks Mahi to tuck her button, it broke. Mahi says I am busy so wear some other kurta. Jogi says I want to wear this kurta only. I will try it myself.

Jogi is trying to tuck his button. Avnit comes there and holds his hand. Jogi says go away. He tries tucking the button but nicks himself with a needle. Avnit sucks on his finger and says it would have given you a septic. She sits beside him and says I will help you. Jogi says you know all this? Avnit says I know everything that you need. She sits near him closely. She says I know what you need and don’t need. She smiles at him while he doesn’t suspect anything. Akash is taking Seema on the wheelchair, they see Avnit sitting closely with Jogi. Seema thinks Jogi is so stupid, this girl is a jerk. Akash thinks to tell this to Mahi. They leave from there. Jogi tells Avnit that you have impressed me. I will tell Mahi that I did this. He leaves. Avnit says it hurts me when he takes Mahi’s name.

Scene 2
Akash tells Mahi that Avnit came here because of Jogi. I think she likes Jogi that’s why she is doing all this. Mahi says don’t be stupid, they are just friends. Akash says no, she looks at him weirdly, she looks at Jogi like she can do anything to win him. Mahi says how you do know all this? Akash says I can read her. I will prove it by day end. Avnit hides and hears all that. She thinks I have to bring this Akash down soon.

The family sit to have raksha bandhan. Rupa ties rakhi to her brother (Avnit’s dad). Rupa ties rakhi to Akash. Mahi does his aarti and ties rakhi to him. She ties a rakhi on Shalu’ behalf also. Akash sees Avnit and says Avnit di doesn’t have a brother so she must be feeling sad? Avnit glares at her. Akash says you must feel lonely. Avnit says no, Jogi was with me in my childhood. Nobody can take Jogi’s place in my life. Akash says you have such a deep friendship, what if we give name to it? He gives her a rakhi and asks her to tie it to Jogi, make him your brother. He will be your best brother. Avnit glares at him. Her dad says it’s not needed. Akash says you don’t need a son but she needs a brother. Rupa asks what is this joke? Akash asks if he did something wrong? They are good friends so they should become siblings. Rupa says some relationships should remain as it is, we don’t need to put labels on them. I don’t need to learn relationships from people like you, should I remind you what you all did? Akash says but.. Mahi asks Akash to stop it. Rupa says I know you were behind this, you are doubting Avnit and Jogi’s relationship that’s why you asked Akash to do all this. It shows filth in your mind. Jogi says Mahi didn’t do anything. Rupa says what Akash said means that they are doubting Jogi and Avnit’s relationship. I won’t allow this. Akash says I am sorry, I just felt bad that Avnit doesn’t have a brother. Rupa says then she will tie rakhi to you. Akash says I can’t allow anyone to tie rakhi to me, it’s not a simple thread, it’s a promise that I will always protect her, I already have 3 sisters and I can’t take more responsibility. Mahi asks Akash to leave from there, he leaves. Mahi tries to talk to Rupa but she says you always make a scene. I arranged this function to make Seema feel better but you made me upset, she leaves from there. Avnit smirks at Mahi.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akash grabs Avnit and tries to fight her. Avnit screams for Jogi to help her. Mahi and Jogi come there to see Akash forcing himself on Avnit.


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