Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rupa looks at them and says they’re playing with fire. Mahi says I was just seeing who blinks first, I won. He says your win is my win. Mahi says, useless lover. Jogo holds her hand. Jogi says who else do I flirt with if not my wife?

Scene 2
Shalu says how can Chanad threaten me with divorce? She cries. Renu says Pappu loves you so much, why would he divorce you if Chanda asks. Shalu says he loves me but loves Chanda more. Seema says let me talk to Pappu. Shalu says leave it. My marriage is in danger because of you and your Mahi. Seema cries. She leaves. Renu says did she do all this beat her at Mahi’s wedding. Shalu says we did that for Mahi as well. Renu says I have an idea. Shalu says if I have to save my marriage, I have to win this contest.

Pappu says my migraine got better. Chanda says your Model ji can’t win with Mahi. Get this competition cancelled. He says my model ji is a good dancer. She will win for sure. Chanda says if they win, we will lose. Whoever wins, they will give money to their parents. You should threaten her with divorce. He says where can I find a wife who is pretty and stupid? Chanda says just threaten. They will get so worried. Mahi will get more tensed. Jogi has no control. He will come here in anger and we will use it. Pappu says what will we do? Chanda says shoot him. We will do something that makes him come here and breaks things. We will shoot him. Pappu says what will we tell the police? Chanda says self-defense. We can shoot Mahi as well. That’s when I will be at peace. Renu hears all this. She’s shocked.

Scene 3
Mahi gets up. She says he keeps saying rubbish things. Her earring falls. Jogi picks it and holds her hand. He says I will become part of your heart and soul. Mahi was imagining. Mahi says what’s happening with me. Jogi comes there and says are you speaking to yourself? Mahi says what are you ding here? What do you want? He says my room, my bed and my.. Mahi says pick me in your arms. Jogi picks her. Mahi says leave me. He drops her on the bed. Jogi says you asked me to do that. He pinches her. Mahi says are you crazy? What are you doing? He says I was seeing if you’re dreaming. You asked me to pick me up. Mahi says I see you around. He says do you hear romantic songs as well? You’re also in love. Mahi says get out. I want to sleep. Jogi says I can give you a massage. Mahi says get out. He says my legs are fine now. I want my room back. Mahi says okay I am leaving. Jogi holds her hand. Jogi says if you aren’t here how will I sleep? Mahi says you want me to say here as well? With you? Jogi says yes. He says as close as normal husband and wife. And do what they do. Jogi caresses her face and comes close to her. Jogi says I want us to be special. Whatever happens between us should be based on love. You can do everything but love. He leaves. Mahi feels weird. They both smile.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi opens Mahi’s eyes. The house is decorated. Flowers sprinkleon Mahi. Jogi says time to come on point. Mahi says what point? He says about love.


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