Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jogi says I have to do something to make her feel better. Mahi sits there worried. Jogi says something to Rupa. Rupa says no Jogi, He says please we have to do this. This is a battle. Rupa says my relationship with her isn’t that strong. Jogi says why are you calculating that? If Mahi loses, we will all lose. We can’t step back now. People will call me a coward. We need to fight in front of the world together and stand united. Rupa says no. Jogi says please try to understand. He takes her milk jar. Jogi says please say yes. Rupa says okay. He says prepare then.

Scene 2
Rupa comes to Mahi wearing clothes like Jogi. She says my Jogni for how long will you stay mad at your Jogi? I will pick you up. Come Mahi come.. Jogi comes dressed as Mahi. Mahi laughs. Jogi says I am only your friend Jogi. Stay in your limits. You are stupid. I am so tensed. I have so much pressure. What will say to your mom if I lose? She’s so angry, she isn’t fun as you. I don’t know who she’s like. Rupa says if we lose we will come on the road and beg. And the truth is only Mahi can stop that from happening because you have that talent and passion. We all trust you. You will win it. Mahi smiles.

Jogi dances around her on aik dusre se pyar. Rupa dances with her as well. Mahi gets happy. Chandra and Shalu look at them. Chanda, Renu, and Shalu point their guns at them. Shalu says I will kill Jogi and end Pappu’s. Renu says I will kill you Jogi. Chanda says I will kill you Mahi. They all step back and go back in. Rupa says don’t worry Mahi. We are all with you. Our faith is with you. Mahi hugs her. Jogi says she will win at all costs.

Scene 3
Pappu wakes up. He says only 2 more hours then everyone’s lives will change. Jogi hears someone vomiting and gargling. He says these are pregnancy symbols? Finally, there’s something good in my life. Model ji come out. He sees a bottle of vodka and says oh so it’s that. Shalu comes out and trips. Pappu says what is all this? There are already low chances of you winning and you’re drunk? Shalu says I am your model ji. He says you are just a showpiece. You only move as long as I ask. Who gave you permission to make your choices. She says what choice? He says to drink this. You are a lot more useless than I thought you would be. For the first time, I will lose and because of you. If I lose, you will lose too, Sehgal surname. The right to live in this house and do all this fashion. I am disgusted with you. Drink lemonade and get back in your senses.

Scene 4
Jogi prepares the arti. The candle blows. Rupa says the bad luck has started. Jogi says it was just air. Our Mahi is a storm. Mahi comes. Jogi does her arti. Mahi touches Rupa’s feet. She gives her blessings and says let’s go. What happened Mahi? Mahi says sugar and youguet. Mummy would always make me eat it. Rupa makes her eat it.

Seema akes Shalu eat it and says this raksha kawach will not let you lose. Mahi comes in and says, mummy.. I am also taking part in the competition. Won’t you make me wear the same raksha kawach? Seema says you have your new family. You don’t need your mom’s blessings. Seema leaves. Mahi is upset. Jogi holds her hand. Chanda has the gun in her bag. Shalu and Renu have their guns too.

Scene 5
Akash says the competition has started. Pappu’s ten lacs are on bt. Pappu places money on the table. Akash says Jogi’s tabela. Jogi places the papers on the table. Akash says let’s welcome the participants. Mahi Arora and Shalu Sehgal. They both go on the stage. Akash says let’s see who wins this contest. Jogi says my Mahi will win for sure. Akash says there will be threerounds. I will explain it when the round starts. You must be thinking who will be the judge? None of us. You will judge it. He points at the TV and says our public will judge it. You will all watch it live and judge it. Seema says how people? Akash says this entire contest will be aired live. After every round, the likes and comments will be calculated and the winner will be decided. Jogi wishes luck to Mahi. Mahi goes on the stage. Shalu also comes on the stage. Akash says let’s start round no. 1. May the best one wins.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akash says for the cooking round, both sisters have to make kheer. You have to go to the kitchen and collect the ingredients to make Kheer. Seema falls. Mahi runs to her while Shalu collects everything. Mahi comes to the kitchen and says how will I make kheer now? I don’t have the ingredients.


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