Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th September 2021 Jogi makes Avnit lie on the bed. She wakes up so Jogi asks her to rest. Avnit says I have hurt you, I made you cry that’s why I punished myself. Everyone is shocked. Jogi says what rubbish is this? You are still lying to protect Mahi after what she did? Jogi tells Mahi that I can’t believe you hurt Avnit like this. Mahi says you think I did this with her? Jogi says I am sure you have done this with her, I know you love your family and Akash but you can’t hurt Avnit like this. You have done by hitting Avnit like this. Rupa tells Jogi that she has become a goon, she is just like her brother. Mahi says I didn’t do all this. I didn’t even touch Avnit.

Beeji tells Mahi that I always took your side but you have made me ashamed today. Mahi says I broke things around but I didn’t hurt her. Jogi says so Avnit tried to hit herself? You think she is crazy? Mahi says I don’t know but I didn’t hit her. Rupa says Mahi has become an animal to hit a woman like that. Jogi tells Mahi that Avnit is bleeding, how could you beat her like that? When she had hit Arjun then you were angry but now your morals have changed? Mahi says you are blinded by this girl. I know she can go to any extent. Jogi says yes, Avnit can go to any extent for her family while you..

Avnit’s dad comes there and rushes to Avnit. He screams who did all this with her? Jogi says I am sorry, it was my duty to protect her but my brother in law and my wife has done this with her, I am ashamed. Avnit’s dad is about to slap Mahi for hitting his daughter but Jogi holds his hand. he says I am sorry Mamaji for Avnit’s condition, you have a right to be angry, you have a right to hit but you can hit me. You can hit me as you want. He starts slapping himself but Rupa asks him to stop it. Avnit’s dad says you are a diamond, I pray for a husband like you for my Avnit. He tells Avnit that we will leave from here. Rupa says don’t say that. He says it’s better if he leave the house. Jogi says no, this is your house. Give me a chance to rectify this mistake. Mahi asks what is he saying? Jogi says I am your husband and it’s my duty to protect you. I haven’t forgiven you for what you did. He drags her away.

Jogi says to Mahi that you will stay away from Avnit now. I don’t know who are you anymore but I know Avnit very well. She always want the best for my family. I am pleading you to stay away from Avnit otherwsie.. Mahi says otherwise what? Jogi sighs and leaves from there. Rupa tells Mahi that if Avnit is hurt because of you then I won’t spare you. She leaves. Mahi wipes her tears.

Avnit asks her dad why did you talk about leaving? He says you didn’t leave any choice for me. Avnit says I won’t go anywhere without Jogi. He says it’s better Mahi came in your room otherwise Rupa would have caught your truth. Avnit says I am not going anywhere without Jogi.

Scene 2
Mahi comes to her room and recalls Avnit’s words that she punished herself. She says how can Avnit hurt herself like this? This is madness. She gets a call and says I am coming right now.

Akash is in the jail. Mahi and Renu come there. The inspector asks if she has any proof? Mahi says I need sometime. Avnit will take her complaint back. The inspector says we can’t give him more time, he has to go to the central jail. He leaves from there. Akash tells Mahi that Avnit has come to get Jogi, she is very clever, do something before they sent me to the jail. Mahi says I will do something.

Avnit’s dad tells her that you have hurt yourself. Jogi loves Mahi a lot and won’t leave her. Avnit says what if he does? What if Mahi leaves him? He asks what is she up to? Avnit says nothing. I am sorry. I will be more careful. He is worried.

Mahi and Renu come home. Renu says what will we do? Mahi says Akash said Avnit wants to get Jogi and she will do anything for him. Renu says you will Jogi to her to save Akash?

Mahi comes to Jogi and pleads him to save Akash. Jogi says so he can misbehave with other girls? Mahi says he is innocent, his life will be destroyed if he is taken to the central jail. Jogi says Akash tried to hit her, tore her clothes so I can’t forgive him. I won’t talk to Avnit about him. Mahi begs him to save him, she sits in his feet and says I will do anything for him. I am ready to go to jail in his place. Please save him. Akash comes home with Avnit and calls out to Mahi.

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