Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Shalu says recall our 21 years together. Shalu tries to touch her feet. Mahi stands up and says you’re my edler. Don’t do this. Shalu says did you forgive me? Mahi says yes. Renu says and me? Mahi hugs them. Renu says your emotions will drown you. Mahi says let’s go celebrate together. Jogi is happy about their patch-up.

Scene 2
All sisters get dressed and come downstairs. Seema is happy. They all get mehndi. Chanda says to Akash I don’t like this desi stuff. Mahi asks the mehndi girl to write Jogi’s name. Seema says but that’s done at the wedding. Mahi says you know the condition we got married into. Jogi sees Mahi’s hand and recalls their moments togehter.

All women dance together. Mahi is very happy. Akash says it’s like when Shalu and Renu used to come to our place and Mahi would arrange everything for them. Seema gets emotional. Mahi sits with Akash. Renu makes her eat sweets. Dharampal comes.. Mahi is shocked. Mahi hugs him. Mahi asks Dadu? He says Dadu needs rest. I am glad everything is better now. My Mahi has grown up. Mahi says let’s dance. Chanda says to Pappu, time for part 2.

Chanda dances with Mahi. Mahi stops. Chanda says Mahi you’re forgetting everything. Can’t you forgive me and forget my mistake? My heart made me do all this. Jogi says don’t trust her. Chanda says can we forget everything and be friends and start afresh? Mahi says I can’t trust you and we can never be friends. But yes, we can stop being enemies. Chanda hugs her and says thank you. Arjun says fantastic. Now Chanda will slowly become her friend. Pappu says since you have forgiven everyone, forgive me too. Shalu has made me understand. If Jogi forgives me, would you? Wait. Pappy leaves.

Scene 3
Pappu comes to Jogi and says all broken relationships are being fixed. Why are we fighting? Come we are all waiting for you there. He says bebe.. Pappu says she’s also family. Let me ask her. He says to Rupa my face makes you angry right? But my heart has transformed. Let’s forget the past. Live in the present. They are all celebrating Teeha.. He’s also our family. I will take him there. It’s incomplete without him. Rupa says it’s women’s function. What would Jogi do there? He says the agenda is to unite Jogi and we are incomplete without him. He calls Seema. Seema says I am your mom I can order but I am requesting. I and your wife are waiting for you. Rupa, Biji, please come. It’s a festive day. Forget that anger today. Jogi says if everyone is saying, let’s go Bebe. Rupa says Biji and I can’t come. Jogi will go alone. Mahi is happy. Pappu says you have such a big heart. We would be glad if you come too. Jogi says Biji.. Biji says go before Rupa changes her mind.

Scene 4
Everyone is dancing. Pappu comes in with Jogi. Mahi is shocked to see him. Mahi hugs him. Arjun says you made your biggest mistake. You gave me a permit to play with your lives. Chanda says your happiness and life will cut. Pappu says this house is a trap. No one can save you now.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun says to Chanda you will get the reward for ruining Jogi and Mahi. Jogi says when I see you happy. I get excited too. I hope you get the best in life. Mahi says as long as we are together everything would be perfect.


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