Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Pappu says control. Chanda says thanks for coming. Seema does his arti. They all dance on gal mithi mithi bol.

Everyone sits for dinner. Pappu says what a lovely family and only Mahi is behind this beautiful moment. If she didn’t come here to patch the things we’d still be fighting. This night is dedicated to Mahi. Jogi makes Mahi eat. Pappu says for dessert let’s have a song by Jogi. I saw your song. Jogi says it’s just God’sblessing. He’s confused. Chanda says you have to sing. Dharam says please. Mahi says Jogi isn’t well today. He will sing some other day. Pappu says I will do a jagrata and Jogi will sing in it. Here’s 10k advance. Mahi says Jogi doesn’t take money for singing. Pappu says you win hearts. Whatever is mine is yours. Jogi says your respect is enough. I will sing at the jagrata.

Chanda asks where is Rupa? Seema says Rupa did what she should have. Now I will do my responsibility. We will all go to her place.

Scene 2
Jogi and Mahi come home. Everyone else comes with her. Seema says no more anger. It’s a festive season. We are incomplete without you. Renu says please give me one chance for Mahi. I don’t deserve it but please. Seema says please. Rupa says new beginning? Let’s do it with haldi. She applies haldi on her face. Seema hugs her. Everyone claps. Chanda tells Arjun it’s done. we have done a lot. Won’t I get the gift? He shows the bracelet. She says it’s time for the ring. He says don’t be hasty. Chanda says if the relationship doesn’t move forward with time it ends. He says you will get a reward after Jogi and Mahi are destroyed.

Scene 3
Jogi and Mahi are very happy. Mahi says I was so happy today. When everyone will be together. Everything is like it used to be. When I used to see big dreams. He says when I see you excited I get excited. I want you to be no. 1 in everything. Mahi says as long as we are together we will always be no. 1.

Scene 4
Mahi and Jogi go to distribute the milk. Mahi says see what’s in the paper. There’s an audition. Jogi says I can’t go there. I will get very confused. Mahi says we can give it a try. Just to see how it is. He says let me sleep. Mahi says see it one. She says did you think about it? Jogi says no. They both fight. Jogi comes close to her. Mahi runs. Priya and her husband come. Priya says Jogi is famous everywhere. Jogi says Mahi didn’t want me to sing. Mahi says shut up. Priya says you were daughter no. 1 and now wife no. 1

Jogi tells Pankaj Mahi made me do all this. Pankaj says wow she is bringing you to the right track. Always listen to her. Jogi says she wants me to go for the audition. I want to do things for her but I am really scared of it. What should I do for her? Seema comes to meet Mahi. Mahi says suddenly? Seema says now I would have to inform you? They bring gifts. Rupa comes there. Rupa says what’s happening here? Let me tell you. They are going to have fun. Seema called us. Mahi smiles. Mahi hugs her and says thank you. Biji says where’s my thank you? Mahi hugs her.

Pankaj says what was most important for her before you? He says Mc21. She always loved it. It was her dream. He says I will find mc21 for her.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pankaj says Mc21 is with a rich guy. He does racing with it. Jogi says I will go on road with my wheelchair. The car comes towards him. Jogi is on his wheelchair pretending to be an old handicapped person. The car hits him.


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