Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jogi tastes Avnit’s sweets and says Mahi must have made it. Rupa says Mahi didn’t make it. Jogi says I know my Mahi’s food. Rupa asks him to try again. Jogi tastes both the sweets again. He says both sweets are good but this one has like childhood nostalgia so I like this better. I want to kiss the hands of it’s maker. He smiles at Mahi but it’s actually Avnit’s sweets. Mahi turns away but Avnit asks Jogi to kiss it then. She offers her hand to him. Jogi is surprised and asks what do you mean? Avnit says I made it for you that’s why you felt that nostalgia. Jogi says really? Why do people need these competitions? Rupa says it was needed because your wife thinks only she can make food for you and you can recognize her food’s smell from far away.

Avnit says I am sorry Mahi for winning the competition, don’t feel bad. We decided who the winner is but what should be the prize? Jogi can kiss the winner’s hand as he said. Jogi gets tensed and looks at Mahi. Jogi holds Avnit’s hand and is about to kiss it but Avnit stops him and says you are not so lucky to kiss Avnit’s hand. Jogi laughs. Avnit says I should get a prize. I played fair and won so I should get a prize. My prize would be Jogi’s song, I will dance to it. Jogi looks on. Mahi says Jogi doesn’t sing preppy songs.

Jogi says Mahi is right, I sing sufi songs. Avnit says I want you to sing songs that are trendy, they should be preppy. If you don’t listen to me then it would be cheating. It would be a dishonor to your wife. She smiles and starts leaving but Jogi stops her and says fine, I will sing a preppy song. Mahi says you can’t sing it, let it be. Jogi says Avnit will shame me everywhere that we are cheaters, let just give her prize. He tells Avnit to be ready to dance to his beats. Avnit says I am always ready, let’s do it today only. Jogi says I need sometime to practice, let’s do it tomorrow, he leaves from there. Avnit asks Mahi to come tomorrow to watch them dance. Mahi glares at her.

Scene 2
Mahi comes to her room and asks Jogi why did he agree to sing the song? Jogi says why did you have to agree to the competition. You should have at least given me a hint. Mahi says that would be cheating. Jogi says everything is fair in love and war. Jogi hugs her and says you worked hard to win the competition but you have already won your husband’s love. Mahi asks how will you sing a preppy song? Jogi says I am also worried, what should I do?

Rupa tells Beeji that you said Jogi would like Mahi’s food as Mahi loves him but today proved that Avnit loves him more. Don’t know when you will accept it.

Mahi tells Jogi to say no if you can’t sing. Jogi says I don’t want her to dishonor you, you made a deal so we will fulfill it. Jogi gets Pankaj’s phone and goes to take it.

Rupa tells Avnit that I was scared but you were so good, Mahi’s sweets were not at par. How did you learn cooking? Mahi comes there so Rupa taunts her that people talk big so I don’t pity them. She tells Mahi that your claims were useless, is your connection weaker with Jogi? You think only you can take care of him? You were wrong this time. For the first time, Jogi took the right decision. She smiles at Avnit and leaves. Mahi looks on. Avnit says sorry for losing, you must be feeling bad. Mahi asks her to shut up, I came here to tell you that Jogi won’t sing tomorrow, he doesn’t like these kind of songs. Avnit says you think you know what Jogi likes and doesn’t like but you are new in his life.

I know him since childhood, nobody knows better than me what he likes. I don’t know how to cook but I perfected making this sweet in childhood only because Jogi used to like it. You know why he likes this sweet? In childhood, his uncle used to bring it for him and he would wait for it. That’s why I learned how to make since childhood only, you must not know this about him. You don’t know a lot of things but I want to tell you right now that nobody can take care of Jogi better than me, not even Rupa. Let me tell you that Jogi will sing tomorrow and I will dance happily as tomorrow our lives will change. You will see what Avnit can do for her best friend tomorrow. Mahi says just best friend? Avnit smirks and leaves.

Renu is eating Avnit’s sweets and says how could she make it so tasty? Mahi says that girl is smart. She must be planning something. Renu says where is your husband? Mahi says he is trying to make the song. Renu says I want to see him sing a preppy song. Mahi laughs. Renu goes to sleep.

Mahi is going to her room when she sees a shadow in the dark. She is scared but tries to see who is it. She finds a person hiding in a mask. She tries to catch the person, she takes a candle stand and is about to hit the person but another man grabs her. Avnit comes there and smirks. Mahi is stunned.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Avnit sprays on Mahi and she faints. Avnit comes to Jogi and sees him sleeping. She kisses on his cheek. Later Mahi comes to Jogi and finds a lipstick mark on his cheek.


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