Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2022 Episode starts with Thapki asking Purab where is he going. He says bathroom, if she wants to come. Thapki sits and recalls their moments. Preeti calls Sagar. Sagar tells that today he will come to her office and will not go to Veena records. Preeti asks him to bring gift for her.

Sagar ends the call. Thapki asks Jaya if her feelings have changed and says Dadi and Hansika also told the same. Jaya says you will know it yourself. She asks did you hear Purab calling you, when he is not there or if you have seen Purab in someone’s face. Thapki says why will this happen to me.

Jaya says it happens. Thapki ends the call. Jaya thinks it will be good, if you accept this new feeling and asks your journey with the one, whom you met by luck. Thapki ends the call and looks at Purab’s photo frame. She thinks if my feelings changed for Purab.

Purab is in the room and thinks about Hansika saying about launching new song. Sagar and Priyanka talking romantic. Preeti comes there and touches Sagar. Sagar puts the call on mute, and asks Preeti to go. Preeti says she has to hug him. She smiles. Sagar smiles. Priyanka is about to see them, but could see only Preeti’s hair.

She gets doubtful and thinks to go to office. Purab comes to Thapki and asks her to talk to him. Dadi lets Thapki go. Purab tells Thapki that he wants her to give something. She says it is lori time, I have to make arrangements for puja. He asks her to come with him and asks I met with an accident and you are getting red. He takes her with him.

Sagar asks Preeti why did she do this? He says if Priyanka comes to know then she will not leave me. He shows the ring and says I brought costly gift for you, if Priyanka comes to know then she will not let me gift you anything.

Preeti gets happy and hugs him. Priyanka comes to the office. Employee thinks Sagar sir is gone today. Priyanka comes inside and sees Sagar only. She asks where is that girl? Sagar calls receptionist and tells that she came to inform me about the meeting. Priyanka asks him to come early and goes. Sagar thinks he got saved and was playing with fire.

Purab tells Thapki that he wants her to recreate the same music which she did that day. Thapki plays the music on the pot and using the cutlery. Purab hugs her and says you don’t know how talented you are. He hugs her and asks her to go and help Dadi. He says it is your time to shine now, all the world will bend down infront of your talent. Thapki shyly goes, and imagines colliding with Purab.

She imagines him everywhere. Purab asks if you are fine. She says you are not there, what I am thinking. Dadi asks her to give her water. Thapki pours the water on the floor, rather than in the glass and smiles. Dadi asks what happened, I will fill the glass. Thapki gives her jug. She collides with Purab and he holds her.

She says you are not Purab. Purab holds her hand and asks who am I? Shahrukh Khan and you are Preity zinta without specs. Thapki asks him to pinch her if he is really Purab. He pinches her. She smiles and goes, thinks why I am seeing him everywhere and hearing him. She thinks if I like him, or more than that. She thinks to talk to him after the puja. Hansika thinks to hit the axe.

Thapki gets ready or the puja. Purab comes there and fixes her bindi. She closes her eyes. Purab tells that he was fixing her bindi and asks why did she close her eyes, if she was expecting something else. Thapki says small stone went in my eye. Purab says show me, and checks her eyes. He says it seems it flied.

Thapki asks him to come for lohri puja, and asks him to go, as she needs to get ready. He says you are doing strange things and asks if she is fine. Thapki says I am fine and asks him to go, says she is coming in 5 mins. She thinks how to tell Purab about my feelings.


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