Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th January 2022 Episode starts with Hansika seeing Thapki and says I can easily explain this. Thapki says you are behind all this, first you sent Purab out of the room, and then sent goons to kidnap me.

She says I have helped you a lot, and named my voice and career on your name, and you…She says now I understood everything, you have played big. You have done affair drama infront of media, tried to hug Purab again and again. Hansika asks her to shut up and says what do you think that I regard you as my sister, no way.

She says don’t forget that you have snatched Purab from me. She says I am taking back what is mine, and says I love him since you couldn’t think of and says we are best friends and would be life partners too, but you have snatched my Purab from me. She says I was very excited when Purab had announced our marriage, and says I was very happy,

but you married him by cheat. She says I asked your voice from you and then made an excuse of accident and came to stay here, as I wanted to be with Purab. She says you are right, I have done that media drama intentionally so that problems can be created between Purab and me, but my bad luck that my conspiracy failed everytime,

but I will not accept defeat. She says though you are married to him, but he was mine, he is mine, will always be mine. Thapki is shocked and holds her hand. She says he was never yours, he will never be yours and says he is my husband and only I have right on him. She says you have taken advantage of my goodness.

She takes mangalsutra from her neck and asks if you understand the meaning of it, and says Purab made me wear it, after we got related for 7 vows. She tells that this sindoor is of no meaning for you, as there is no 7 vows attached with him, no elders’ blessings and also it is not of Purab’s name. Hansika says don’t forget that you are just a burden and a responsibility which he is fulfilling due to helplessness.

She says you might shout and jump and say this, but he will never be yours. Thapki recalls Purab’s words and says enough. She says whatever is our relation, is between us and says who are you to speak between us. She says you don’t deserve to be his friend and says he will throw you out when he comes to know about your truth, and I will tell him the truth.

Hansika pushes her and tells that she will not be defeated. She brings a musical instrument to hit Thapki, but she herself slips and falls down holding her head. Thapki gets up from the bed and says whoever digs the pit for others, they herself fall down. She ties the cloth to her hands and mouth. fb ends.

Purab and Thapki are seated for the puja. Pandit ji asks Purab to fill his wife’s forehead with sindoor of his name. Purab fills her maang with sindoor and looks at her.Thapki gets emptional. He signs what happened? Thapki nods no and thanks Mata Rani for making her complete the puja.

Sagar is waiting for Preeti in the storeroom. He sees someone coming and hugs her. Preeti comes there. Sagar sees her and thinks whom I hugged. Priyanka asks what happened. Sagar says he was missing her and that’s why hugged her. He asks why did you come here? Priyanka says you have written in a chit asking me to come here for romance. She asks if it was for someone else.

Sagar says they shall set up dinner with candle lights and asks her to bring plates and says he will make food arrangements. Priyanka goes. Preeti comes there and gets upset on him. He says if you go, then how will I tell you, about the diamond ring which I have selected for you. Just then Ashok calls her. Preeti runs.

Anjali scolds the goons and asks where is that girl? She gets worried for Hansika and calls her. Hansika is tied and couldn’t pick the call. Anjali sees Sargam coming to the hospital and thinks why did she come here. Dadi asks Purab to make Thapki wear suhaag bangles and also chunari. He covers chunari on her head and then makes her wear the bangles. Thapki gets emotional.

Anchul sees a girl taking the thrown food and takes a rod to hit her. He goes behind her and finds out that she is a girl. The girl says you are staring a girl and tells that she has picked the thrown out. She asks him to come with her. He goes with her. She distributes the food to the poor. She says they sleep peacefully eating this food. Anchul apologizes to her and promises to give her food for distribution. They introduce each other. The girl leaves. Thapki thinks to tell Hansika’s truth to Purab and tells him that she wants to tell him something.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Hansika tells Thapki that if she tells her truth to anyone, then she will tell Sargam’s truth to everyone. She shows the newspaper with Sargam’s news published in it, and says all the city will know her truth. Thapki says I will be silent for Sargam’s sake and challenges her that very soon you will be out from here, and says I will complete my challenge before 3 days. Hansika challenges that Purab will be hers.


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