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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th October 2021 Episode starts with Armaan asking Sudha how is Thapki? Sudha says Thapki is very lucky to get such a caring husband. He says shall I call doctor? Preeto says she is fine, your mummy has applied medicine on her, she is fine. He asks can I go and see her? Sapna asks Thapki to apply ointment in the night also.

Armaan comes and says if she forgets then I will remind her with a call. Sapna smiles. Priyanka says what about the fast, it remained incomplete. Sapna says if someone takes medicine for headache then if the fast breaks, no. She asks Priyanka to bring water so that Thapki can break her fast. Priyanka brings water pot and gives to Armaan. Armaan makes Thapki drink water. Thapki says ok. Priyanka thinks all this worry will come out when her truth will come out.

Veena tells Purab that whatever Thapki has done, should have done by Hansika. She asks do you think Hansika is right girl for you. Dadi says if this would happened then God haven’t made their Jodi. She says Hansika couldn’t anything as it happened hurriedly, and she told me that she is feeling bad, and asks her to give her a chance, she is not a bad bahu. She asks Veena to come and give shagun to both bahus.

Dadi comes out with Veena. Veena and Sapna give the bridal dresses to their bahus. Dadi says they are similar and it shows that I love you both equally, and asks them to wear for marriage and grah pravesh. Thapki’s hand stumbles. Preeti comes there and holds the thaali. Purab comes and sees Preeti taking the bridal clothes and goes.

Thapki says thank you and is about to stammer. Sudha asks her to take blessings of elders. Hansika takes blessings of Dadi and thinks until this old lady is in my control, Veena Devi will be in control. Priyanka tells Sudha that after the marriage, you will get much money. Sudha gets happy. Priyanka thinks once the marriage happens, I will tell truth to Mummy and you will get nothing.

Hansika comes to Veena Devi, and asks why is she angry with her. Veena Devi says everyday I used to see your new avatar. Hansika says I have taken money from you to save Papa’s company and says I will not get the cheque cleared. Veena devi asks what is the reason for this humanity. Hansika says all this property and everything will be fine.

Veena Devi says you had talked about loving Purab yesterday and now talking about money. She says tell me straight what do you want? She says if you want to get your album released, then I will get it done. Hansika says she will get it done by telling Purab. Veena Devi says I know you don’t love him and asks her to tell what she needs to leave Purab. Hansika says I just need Purab.

Veena Devi says what do you need, want to become company’s face, wants property etc. She asks her to tell one thing, and says you will get. Hansika says admission in London Music School. Veena Devi says only three best students take admission in that school from India. Hansika says I know that my application got rejected twice and says if you do this, then I will leave from here.

She says the admission process will end in 24 hours, and says if you want then can do. Veena Devi says I promise that I will change your direction, and will bring my son’s path on right direction and will get you admitted in that school next year. Hansika says her sur might be weak, but she is not foolish to leave her marriage tomorrow for this. She laughs and says either I will go to London, or will enter here as your bahu. She calls her Surili Mother In Law and asks her to remember 24 hours.

Thapki brings her mother out and asks her to see which she made for her. She asks her to follow the chart and asks her not to eat anything brought by Anchun as her cholesterol was high. She asks her to take her piggy bank and spend on herself. She says I am going far from you, not away from you. She says I will call you. Ashok and Anchun hear her. Ashok says we will call you too. Anchun says I will bring chole batura for you. Ashok asks Thapki to stop worrying about them and says we will handle everything. Thapki hugs them.

Veena Devi asks someone to give bribe to all staff of London School of Music, and get admission somehow. She thinks time is passing by, if Hansika don’t get admission, then how Thapki will become my bahu.

Thapki gets ready for her marriage. Her mother takes off evil sight from her. Thapki asks can we go to temple once. Anchun says I will take her to temple. They leave.

Sargam gets both Purab and Armaan ready for the marriage in Sherwani and turban. Armaan gives money to her and asks her to enjoy. She asks if he is really America return and takes his wallet. He runs behind her.

Dadi asks him to sit. She says you both have grown up to get married today. Armaan says we will be always a kid for you. Dadi asks Purab and Armaan to promise her that they will work on their marriage and give love to their wives. She says a girl will leave all her world for you, don’t make her feel loneliness, don’t leave her alone and love her a lot. Armaan asks her not to joke. Dadi says I am serious. Armaan promises that they will take care of their respective wives and asks Sargam to return his wallet.

Dadi comes to Purab and asks what is he thinking? Purab says he is worried about the work stress, and tells that he will send the mails and come. He goes. Dadi says this guy works even on marriage day, and tells Veena that she will go and see the arrangements. Veena Devi calls Hansika and finds her number switched off.

She thinks I will make sure that Purab and Hansika’s marriage don’t happen, and for this, I am ready to go to any extent. Thapki comes inside the temple and tells that she is very nervous and her heart is beating fast. She says I thought to meet you, and says whatever happened, happened by itself and I know that you are doing this, and that’s why I am tension free. She says I am very nervous and asks her to handle everything, and not to break her trust.

She says I want just like a mother makes her child walk, even you shall be with me so that I can fulfill this relation, don’t break this marriage and don’t let anything wrong happen. They come out and look for Thapki’s slipper. Anchun says someone had stolen it, even temple is not safe. He asks her to sit, until he brings new slippers for her. She sits on the bench. Purab comes and sits on the other side of the bench and tells himself that everything is fine. Thapki asks why are you thinking so much.

Purab says I have a strange feeling at heart. Thapki asks fear. He says yes fear and so many questions, everything happened fast, I was not ready, or many be I was ready. He says I was having dhak dhak feeling. Thapki asks him to close his eyes, and rubs his fingers on his forehead and says all your tension will be relieved. She then stammers. He asks even you stammers. They look at each other.

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